Monday, October 18, 2010

Walk Through

We couldn't decide what we wanted for dinner tonight {much like we can't decide what we want for dinner every night ;)}. We knew we didn't feel like cooking {no surprise there either}, and we didn't really want to drive a long way. Plus, we hadn't walked the dogs yet tonight, and they really behave much better when they get some energy out.

Solution? We walked the and through the drive through at the Schlotsky's in our neighborhood. I know it's really random, but it was so fun! At first Josh and I just tried jumping really hard on the pavement in front of the drive through hoping to trigger it, but that was thoroughly unsuccessful and made me kind of sweaty. So Josh just ran inside to let them know we were there.

When he got back to the drive through, the guy came on the microphone just like normal...until he said "nice dogs." Whaaaaat? You have a camera? At Schlotsky's? I had an immediate flash back.


When I was in high school, I had a hilarious {and by hilarious I do mean ridiculously funny} friend who had an incredible talent for ordering at drive throughs pretending there was significant static during critical parts of her order.

Yes, I'd like to order a shhhkkkshk with no kshhshk and a small shhhhshkcch.

A back and forth of what?s and shhhks would go on and on with static in varying parts of the order. It was so impressive, and I was in tears every time she did it. Hungry, because we never got our food, but tickled nonetheless.

So when I was in college I decided I would be funny and show my friends this super pastime. We were in Arkadelphia - what else were we gonna do? ;)

I drove up to the ordering station and gave my spiel. I was a little less polished than my predecessor, but it was still pretty convincing. Or so I thought...

I know you're making those noises ma'am. I can see you on the camera.

Oops. Awkward. And hungry yet again.


Tonight was much smoother. We ordered without any funny business, they thought our dogs were cute, and we left with food in our hands. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Busy, busy, busy. You too? Well, burst my bubble.

Just when I'm feeling like I must most certainly be the busiest person in the country, if not the hemisphere, I find someone who is busier. But I really don't want to hear that because I would prefer to be dramatic about how busy I am.

I came home the other day, feeling like I had worked especially super duper hard, and I got about two words into my pity party before J interrupted me with a story of some man he had met that morning who starts his day at 4am with job #1 and moves straight to job#2, ending his day hardly before the next begins. Dang it. I guess I'll make it.

One contributing factor to my survival right now is that our pharmacy never opens earlier than 9am. I cannot tell you what beautiful time occurs between 7:45 and 8:45 in the morning. We're talking a precious 59 minutes that mean I might actually feed my husband, my dogs, and myself before I'm in the car. And if I'm up especially early, I might even get on the treadmill. That we bought. That's in our bedroom.

Yikes! Are you judging me yet? Fair enough if you are.

So far, no clothes have been found hanging on the treadmill. I refuse. I hope I continue to refuse... because I'm already pushing a cliche with exercise equipment in the bedroom where I lay my aerobically challenged body down to sleep. But I needed a stress release that isn't dependent on the weather, and at least for right now we are really using it. I haven't lost an ounce, mind you, but maybe I'm staying more sane than I would if we hadn't made the plunge {and bribed my brother with chocolate chip cookies to come help us put it together :)}

Another release?


The Pottery Barn holiday decor for this year! Busy schmizzy. I will simply look through the PB Holiday magazine while walking briskly in place and be just fine. And then I can buy remarkably similar items from Target, save some money, and be even better.

Do you like how I just advertised for my employer? I wasn't even trying. If I was trying I would tell you to go to your local Target Pharmacy asap and get your flu shot {no appointment necessary}. But I'm not trying. I'm far too busy being busy ;)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Dining Room

Home sweet home is just that right now - such a haven. It was not anywhere near that two years ago, as pictured below ;)


Have I mentioned the whole blood, sweat, and tears portion of a home renovation? Yes...I suppose I have. And the whole there is no real deadline for things to be done part? Hmmph. But I must say that sitting in our living room, completely relaxed, watching The Office with J while our puppies play tug-o-war with one of his socks, it was all worth it.


I know that picture is a fairly cluttered view of the dining room {dining space is probably more accurate}, but I tried to take it from the same angle as the before picture. As you can see, we took out the wall between the kitchen and dining room, and it made a huge difference in the flow of the main living area. At some point, I would like to get a larger glass top for the dining table so that we can seat more than four at the table. Buuuuuut I'm still stuck on finding the perfect snuggly sectional, and that ranks way higher than a few extra seats for supper. ;)

We got our dining table at Bombay Company for 40% off before it closed. I l.o.v.e.(d) that store, and I especially loved that something was always 40% off. That's a LOT off.

Here is a close-up of the built-in. We did our best to keep it as close to its original condition as possible, with just a few spruce-ups to hide 75 years of wear and tear.

Welp, that's it! It is a small space, but I like to think of it as cozy. ;)

If you want to check out the rest of our Home Sweet Home, click HERE and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This morning on...

I love The Today Show. Matt, Meredith, Al, and Ann - the whole gang! Yes, they are good journalists, share interesting and useful information, etc. But really I just love their dynamics. I tear up at the end of every year when they show all the funny clips and bloopers. Embarassing. I even like Kathie Lee and Hota on the fourth hour when I get to watch them. Secretly {until now ;)} I really wish they needed a correspondent pharmacist. They haven't called me, though... yet.

Yesterday morning on Today, they did a piece on the new definition of masculinity. I was skeptical of what it might entail, but I have to say that not only were they spot on, they made me super extra appreciate my husband.

Cue the bragging ;)

Do you remember when a whole bunch of people posted their "25 random things about me?" Number 1 on my list was:
I really honestly think that my husband is the best one there is. I know a lot of women think that, but they're all mistaken.

And I stand firm in that statement. No offense - I'm sure lots of you have fabulous husbands. ;)

I always tell J that I couldn't have ordered a better husband if I tried - that reads wierd in written word, but you get my drift. I love him like crazy.

The thing is, it is by NO means because either of us is perfect, or because we have a perfect relationship. {Not that you thought that...I just don't want you to think I think that :)}. One of my best friends asked me a few weeks ago if Josh and I ever fight. hahahaha. Yes. I prefer to call them intense discussions, but yes. Don't be expecting a post on those - there's a reason he refers to my red-headed personality as spicy.

I digress.

Josh is my partner. Die hard. And I am his. He is the head of our household, and I will always respect the Biblical responsibility he carries. But he is never a dictator over me, never pushes me too far, never leverages that I am to do as he says. He knows that I will but doesn't take advantage of it.

We share responsiblity outside of the home, and so we share responsibility inside the home. This weekend while I had to work, he did laundry, cleaned the floors, mowed the lawn, and installed a doggy door. I could have cried. {But I didn't, thank you very much.}

In other words, he embodies the new definition of masculine. Every bit as strong, protective, and providing as ever, but so much more secure, thoughtful, patient, and helpful.

Today, he will be at work, and I will do household chores. The more I think about it, though, the less they seem like chores and the more I think of them as thank you gifts.

{Except for getting clothes out of the's really hot and makes me sweat, so it still classifies as a chore}

Friday, September 17, 2010

Living Room and room to live

**Update: a picture and a question!**

This week Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life is featuring livings rooms. I did a post a few months ago {technically all my posts have been, at most, a few months ago ;)} of the before and after of our living room - click HERE to see it, or click HERE to see all the posts on our Home Sweet Home so far!

Here is one AFTER picture so I comply with all the Show Us Your Life rules :)

And my question is.... are sectionals in? .... because I really want one.... they are so very comfortable.... maybe I don't even care if they're in or not....

Speaking of living rooms...and the rest of our house... for a few days J and I considered renting ours out and starting on a new home project. We actually considered it all the way to the drive to make an offer, but decided at the last minute that neither of us had a peace about it.

And can I get a collective *Whew*

I honestly don't know what we were thinking. Well, I kind of do - it would be closer to my work and to one of my brothers and it was a super fun neighborhood and a seemingly good deal. But the buck stops there. That seemingly bit could have been a corker once we really started remodeling and we would have had to become landlords on top of all the responsibilities of our currently the busiest they have ever been schedules and our nights/weekends/alltimeoff would be consumed with fixing it up so we wouldn't be living in a construction zone again and I could hardly breathe when I thought about the hideous kitchen.

There I go with run-on sentences again. I just feel like they have so much more impact, and they more adequately reflect the chaos that's going on inside my head. ;)

Upside: Ever since we drove away without offering to take on the madness, I have walked around my home appreciating every. little. detail. Thank you, Lord, for protecting us from ourselves and showing us how a level floor and a dishwasher can be such significant blessings!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Southern Sweet Tea

I don't drink it. {gasp, I know} I don't like the flavor of tea in general, and I think at times my brothers thought I belonged to the milk man because I didn't share the Ponder love of my mom's sugary sweet caffeine. I prefer my sugary sweet caffeine in the form of Starbucks, and I'm not ashamed. ;)

I also didn't say y'all until I went to college four hours south of my homeland and figured out how much more efficient it is than to say "you guys." I don't cook much, and when I do cook it isn't with real butter or cream {I will most definitely eat food other people make with these ingredients, mind you}.

But I am Southern. I like being Southern. It is my region of choice, and despite a few of the quintessential Southern characteristics I don't exhibit, I will still always and forever be Southern.

Are you wondering yet where this is coming from?

Southern Living, of course {second only to the Bible according to my mom ;)}. I found a nifty new blog, Blue-Eyed Bride, and she posted a fabulous article from this month's issue about Southern stereotypes played in Hollywood. It is written by a woman named Amy Bickers, and I loved it!

Bickers explains how we have air conditioners so we shouldn't always be portrayed so sweaty, and she clears the rumor that we call all our police chiefs Big Daddy {I'm paraphrasing here}. But one of my favorite quotes has to be, "...You'd be shocked if we told you how few of us actually have verandas."

The article also reminded me that I have pictures from a fun little piece of The Ozarks {I'm thinking of The Ozarks as a subregion of The South so that my post flows...ok?} that I still need to share.

Mountain Home Berry Farm!

I've been eating these berries for years and years and have driven by the farm a countless number of times, but until earlier this summer I hadn't ever actually experienced it. It was so quaint and picturesque...better than I even anticipated from the fruits of its labor.

Just a tiny sampling of the some of the produce they grow. They'll even let you walk right up, pick, and taste. Oh, the authenticity.

The berries aren't all looks, either. They are crazy tasty. One time several years ago I was bringing a flat of strawberries to my mother-in-law on my way back from MH, and I made the mistake of keeping them in the front seat within an arm's reach of me the entire time I was driving. I ate so many strawberries that I had an allergic reaction. That wouldn't be any huge deal except that I am not allergic to strawberries. At all. {I do not know what compels me to tell embarassing stories.}

These are jams/jellies/ican'ttellthedifference made from the berries that were for sale at a tiny/delicious restaurant a few miles down the road.

And this is one of the signs that greets you as you enter the restaurant.

From Southern sweet tea to smokes. I think we've come full circle...y'all.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Must Have: Red Letter Words

I stumbled on Red Letter Words a long time ago, and I loved it immediately! Dee, the creator of these unique displays, started her business because she wanted a cool way to display scripture in her home {I don't know her, I just read about it on her website ;)} It's like the modern alternative to the traditional scripture plates.

My only problem with Red Letter Words is that it's jam-packed full of so many options I can't decide which to choose. But if I let my indecisiveness keep me from sharing fun finds, I might not ever share anything at all...

How perfect for an office? I bet I would have studied a lot harder in pharmacy school if I looked up from my desk and saw this-ha!

And I'm pretty sure this set would work in any room in the home- especially the kitchen or living room, somewhere your family spends time together.

This displayed next to a wedding photo-so sweet!

I guess this doesn't mean the Real Housewives series, huh? ;)

I love finding such a fabulous contribution to making God's Word a focus in my home. These are just a few of my favorites {I'll let you know when I decide!}, but you should totally visit the website, and see all the options for yourself!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A while back, lots of people on facebook posted their celebrity "doppelganger," some sort of fancy word for look-alike. I didn't do it because usually people pick any famous redhead and go on and on about how I look just like her when I completely don't {case in point: Lindsay Lohan}.

So, I was at the mall the other day, and a lady who was helping me was quite insistent that I look just like Isla Fisher.

Oh, really? She has red hair, right? I bet we're related, then.

{TOTALLY kidding! That would be really rude to say. Plus I think she was unhealthily attached to celebrity gossip because she also knew way too much about this woman's personal life, husband, favorite foods, I just left it alone.}

She must have been at least a little convincing, though, because I decided to google Isla to see what this lady was so sure of. I had seen a few movies that she had been in but hadn't paid that much attention.

Well, my dear associate Google {how did people function before Google? I just really do not know} turned up this picture of Isla in a green dress, and it reminded me of the bridesmaid dress from one of my best friend's weddings {whom I miss very much if she is reading this!} from a few years ago, so I decided to compare.

I have to admit, I actually kind of see it.

We are by no means twins {and she probably hadn't used natural glow like I had-ha!}, but maybe if I do something cinema-worthy someday, I'll give Isla a call to see if she's interested in the role ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yet again, I am about to be overly dramatic. I should probably stop drawing attention to it. I am just very easily excited :)

So today, I would like to share a revolutionary new nail product {See? Can you call a nail product revolutionary? Obviously...because I just did}

{photo: google images}

I know it looks like ordinary nail polish, and in all honesty I had never even heard of CND before I tried it. But here's the difference... it is guaranteed to last FOURTEEN days!

Stop. It.

I was talking to my mom a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned this new gel polish that was painted on your real nail just like regular nail polish, except that in between each coat your nails are dried under a UV light. She had gotten it done in Mountain Home, and my first thought was, "Super. Another random product that can only be found past the winding hills of the Ozarks."

I decided to Google it... after I figured out how to spell it. Turns out, the salon where I get my hair done and happen to have gone to college with at least half the stylists is the only one I could find that offered it.

Day 7

Day seven and not a single chip. Not even on the white part. It's like magic. {I know, hand modeling is not looking so promising ;)}

And on top of lasting, it is actually good for your nails! I take back that overly dramatic thing - revolutionary is a completely appropriate description.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winner Winner

No chicken dinner. Something way better, in fact! A super cute organizational tool called a Roll-A-Deck from an incredibly fabulous woman I've known my whole life and blog-stalked for a few years :)

Amy at Sincerely Yours is a whole lot of things I am not - crafty, uber creative, culinarily inclined... just ridiculously talented. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog. She is the designer/creator of the most beautiful "paper lovelies" I've ever seen, and she combines dreamy pictures of her creations with sweet stories and sentiments, ideas and ideals, and pies. I think she really loves pies.

Back to the prize. I've admited from Day 1 that my domesticity leaves a bit to be desired, but one characteristic I share with Amy is an affinity for color-coded organization. Combine this with the mental scar left from erasing everything off my iPhone a few months ago {yes, I shed a tear...or two}, and I knew that this would be a pretty and practical solution/back up.

Now, I must point out that, luckily, I was the winner chosen at random. Had this been a contest based on the ideas for use, I would have lost. By a long shot. I read such sweet ideas about using the papers to make notes for kids' lunches and to write Bible verses for kids to memorize. I almost felt guilty that I plan to use it for plain ol' contact info. Almost. ;)

Thanks so much, Amy! I really will use my very best handwriting!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, Monday

This weekend I worked out of town filling in for some pharmacists who were on vacation. Do you know what that means? One glorious Monday off. Even better - the first Monday of the month off {it's a notoriously hectic day behind the pharmacy counter ... I know you were dying to know}

I love having a day off to recoup, unpack, wash clothes, etc. But after almost every step I take, I turn around to find these two small, furry shadows following. :)

They're really cute and really sweet, though, so I don't mind. Plus we were away from them for three days, so they need a little extra love and attention, even if it means I'm slightly less productive today...

Speaking of being away for three days, staying in a hotel always brings me back to my love of all white linens. I still haven't decided how to re-redo our bedroom, but no matter how many different looks I see or consider, white on white on white on white is always my favorite.

I mean, really, doesn't this make you want to dive in and take a snooze or snuggle back in bed with a cup of coffee watching The Today Show {or reading a book for those of you who do that sort of thing...}?


So since I can't seem to find anything I like better, I am seriously considering going for it. My only dilemma is that I don't want it look boring or cold. I want it to be cozy and inviting. And I want to like it for longer than 3 days.

Oh, and I'm also dead-set on having an upholstered headboard. We have one now, and there is no going back. {You know when you lean back thinking that your pillow is propped up, but it isn't, so you knock your noggin really hard against the headboard? Doesn't matter. Your headboard is a pillow on it's own, so you don't go to bed with a headache.}

This is one of my favorite headboards from Ballard Design because you can order it in any fabric you can find. {And I recently noticed that Southern Living comes with a 15% off coupon from BD, so that's a plus!}


But having an upholstered headboard brings up the question of color yet again. Would a white headboard and bedding be too much or perfectly crisp and clean? Would a big contrast between headboard and bedding be best, or maybe a subtle tone-on-tone?

I just want to make it clear that I realize this decision should not be this difficult. But it just is. I will make no excuses, and I will gladly consider any suggestions :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I would say grown up, but I don't think I've grown vertically since like the sixth or seventh grade. However, in the last few weeks I am quite certain I have been launched into full fledged grown up-ville. And you know what? It's not all bad. It's busy and challenging, mind you, but I'm getting in the groove. Or at least I think I am, and I would prefer that no one tell me otherwise ;).

Aside from the whole responsibility part of being an adult, I had a fun big girl activity {that I hated as a child... that's how I know I'm maturing} - my first auction as an actual bidder.

My mom used to drag me to auctions all the time when I was a wee one, and I thought they were miserable. They smelled musty and were undoubtedly filled with things like ceramic dolls with cracked faces and pictures of little children who didn't smile and beds I knew old people were sleeping on when they died. Creepy. I was not interested.

A few weeks ago I was equally uninterested in going to an estate auction when we were visiting the fam in Mountain Home. I'm pretty sure I even pouted as we were walking in, but Josh considers himself a city boy and felt this was a small town experience he needed. He stopped by the front desk and signed us in.

Well, put an auction card in my hand, and suddenly I come alive. Who knew?

I spotted my target quickly, and I was prepared to fight for it. Turns out, I am not to be messed with on the auction floor. {Evidently I get that from my mother. She's been to so many auctions that she doesn't even use a card. Tommy, the auctioneer, just looks at her, and she nods and blinks as a bid or just barely shakes her head no as a sign she'll pass.}

Back to my purchase. I was glad that people were bidding against me because it made the process more exciting. Then when the other bidders backed down, it was as if I had been on a hunt and made a kill. I know that sounds dramatic, but I don't hunt or kill so I'm just guessing.

Now, check out this fabulous antique desk chair! And the bottom line? $24.50, thank you very much.

It swivels and reclines, it has the booty-shaped seat for added comfort, and it oozes character from years spent in front of an architect's desk.

Compare it to the Pottery Barn chair below, which would have set me back a whopping $399!


Way more money and way less charm.


And just as a side note: I'm pretty sure no one died in the chair, so I feel very comfortable having it in my home :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Up, Up, and Away...

In our beautiful, our beautiful balloon!

I was going to share this story during Kelly's Korner show us your life, and then I completely forgot. It's the story of our engagement, and it's one I really want to have documented, so I thought today {our anniversary :)} would be a good day to post it. In all fairness, I should warn you that it is a long post, but I wanted to have as many details documented as possible for posterity's sake. So if you're up to it, grab a cup of coffee {I recommend Vanilla Caramel creamer to go along with it}, and enjoy!


It was the first semester of my first year of pharmacy school {an overwhelming shock to my system, to say the least}. Josh and I had recently discussed marriage and how it just didn't seem feasible at the moment {I know you're thinking that is the oldest trick in the book, but it was a serious conversation... or so I thought}.

Thursday marked the last of a string of four tests in seven days, and I was pooped. Josh asked me what I wanted to do that weekend, and I huffed and puffed because I just wanted him to make the plans. I made it very clear that I thought he never planned anything. I generally don't have a problem communicating my feelings ;).

Friday he said that I should stay the night at his parents house because we were going to go to his nephew's soccer game early Saturday morning. Not exactly the sort of plans I was thinking of, but I didn't have to make any decisions so it was all good ... Until he said the soccer tournament started at 7AM, and we needed to be there by 6:30. I mean the nephew is great and all, but 6:30? And I have to look decent enough to be seen by soccer moms? This game better be good.


We got up and got ready {I wore makeup... at 6AM...for the soccer moms}, and then we were off to the west side of town right on time. The earliest parts of the story are kind of hazy for me... cars can lull me to sleep in 10 min or less, so I might have dozed a bit during our drive. When I re-woke up, we were in a random parking lot. I remember Josh driving around the parking lot saying he was looking for his sister's van.

He lied. ;) He was looking for the balloon man.

Now at this point, you think I have to know, right? Negative, ghost rider. I had told Josh several times how badly I had always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. Once we finally found the balloon man, and I knew we weren't going to be watching soccer, Josh gave me a sweet {and partially honest} spiel about how he knew I was stressed and could use a surprise, and he wanted to plan something special.

I was elated.

It was, honestly, one of the coolest things I've ever done! I'm quite sure that it was the closest to being a bird I will ever experience.

We floated side by side, and I loved every second of it. I wanted to talk, talk, talk about every little detail - the houses and the horses, the mountains and their Maker, the roads and the rubble. We saw so much! Josh was so quiet.

When we floated over the Arkansas River {that's the reflection of the balloon in the water if you can't tell}, Balloon Man got us so close to the water that we were eye level with people on the shore. It was sooo crazy! {Josh said later that at this point he was so nervous he thought he might barf...}


Hot air balloons do not have propellers. Balloon Man could control UP and DOWN with that fiery gas business, but any other direction was truly at the mercy of the wind. Our ride was scheduled for an hour, but after nearly two hours, we still hadn't landed.

I started to get nervous because Balloon Man was acting nervous. {Josh was probably numb by now-ha} Something to do with the amount of fuel and the direction of the wind and the area required for landing...

He saw a spot that was definitely a long shot, but for fear of not having another opportunity, he went for it. The execution was actually very impressive. *Whew* We made it... somewhere.


A picturesque little lake in the middle of some Arkansas woods - the scenery was fabulous. That's probably why it was private, gated property complete with guard dogs.

The three of us {Josh, me, Balloon Man} breathed a sigh of relief once we were on solid ground, but I remember thinking that Josh and Balloon Man were acting wierd. I didn't understand why we weren't getting out of the balloon. I looked across the lake and saw a man walking rapidly toward us. I squinted to get a better look.

"Is that my dad?"

The instant those words left my lips, Josh spun me around to face him and dropped to his knees.

He said beautiful words ...

...and I said yes!

Seconds later, I confirmed that the man I saw was my dad {who had been moving so quickly because he was being chased by the guard dogs after he jumped the fence}. Both sets of our parents had been chasing the balloon by car, following Balloon Man's wife.

Thankfully, the private property we used for a landing strip belonged to a very nice, very understanding couple. They were so excited for us, and so sweet to let the rest of our family come to their lake and celebrate with us - sans hounds!

I could not have asked for a more perfectly imperfect proposal {or planned it for that matter}!

Today, we celebrate three years of marriage, and I can honestly say that these have been my favorite three years ever. Ever.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Living Room

I've always heard that the kitchen is the heart of a home, but the living room has got to be a close second! When we bought our house the living room wasn't completely horrible. It was a little dingy and outdated, but it didn't require a whole lot of work in terms of construction. I only wish I had taken a picture of the metal tree and the dead roach that resided in the fireplace before we bought it...snuggly.


The most work I did was on the fireplace. That fireplace is 100% useless, by the way. Since it wasn't in the budget to replace it, I had to try to make it look a little better {or at least make it not as noticeably yuck}. My proudest accomplishment? Sharpie-ing in the white grout around the black tile so that it less resembled a bathroom from 1980. Throw in some staggered glass candleholders for a little ambiance, and it'll do.


The picture below is looking in from the dining room. The collection of photos on the wall is from our wedding. In general, I prefer photos to art because I am a Sentimental Sally. Speaking of, my great grandfather built the bench that we use for a coffee table, and I love love love having a piece of furniture that has been used by generations in our home.

If you're wondering why there is a significant {and permanent, mind you} dip in the left couch cushion, see below. She's quite the guard dog ;)

If you'd like to check out other bits and pieces of our Home Sweet Home, click HERE!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is one of my favorite pictures of my father-in-law and one of my favorite memories all wrapped up in one little bunch of megapixels!

I am most thankful for the example he has set for Josh, but there is oh so much more to this man of eccentricity.

He is a pretty incredible artist. He does all sorts of different types {I know there is an artsy word for types, but I can't think of it at the moment} of art, but my favorite ones are his pen sketches and watercolor.

When he cooks, he just tosses in a bagillion ingredients and sees what happens...sometimes good, sometimes bad ;)

He is always my ally when there's something I really really really really want {i.e. a small pool in my backyard}!

He loves history and old family stories and making connections with people through mutual friends or family members. I guarantee he knows several people you know.

When he's being sassy, he calls whoever his sass is in reference to "honey darlin'" with a very country twang.

He knows the most random facts of anyone I know. The example that stands out in my mind is the spanish word for baby goat....knew it right off the top of his head.

He is on a historical building commission, and he has an unhealthy attachment to original features of historical buildings. If he thinks an elephant statue is original to a structure, he will fight to keep it.

He preaches quite a sermon. His approach to God's word is both honest and innovative, and I always learn from what he's teaching.

He is a soft hearted gem of a man, and I am so proud to be a member of his family!

Happy belated father's day to Kenny D!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, Danny boy!

I have been a Daddy's girl since the day I was born. No apologies ;)

He is second only to my husband in humanly influence on my life. He has never pretended to be perfect, but I have never seen him waiver in his faith and commitment to Christ. He is the most Godly man I know, and I am beyond thankful that I have been blessed to be his daughter. that I've got him choked up, let's get to the good stuff ;)

He's a bit of a pyro {accidentally only, of course} He's started so many pasture fires that as a gift a couple of years ago, one of his presents was a double-barrel backpack fire extinguisher. I don't think he's had to call 9-1-1 since then, but I'm not positive on that one...

I have never seen him in real life without at least a mustache. He grew the mustache when my oldest brother was born and the rest of the beard when I graduated high school.

Almost every morning, he does push-ups and crunches on his bathroom floor, and chin-ups on the pull-up bar he installed over the toilet. My mom might shoot me for posting that they have a pull-up bar in their bathroom...

He always taught me {or tried to teach me} to be self-sufficient. He insisted that I take a self-defense course, so I took tae kwon doe one month during my senior year of high school. If I am attacked from a very specific direction, and I land in a very specific position, and my attacker is wearing a collared shirt, I will have them passed out in under 5 seconds ;).

He never just gives a gift, he always makes it a fun and exciting process. He hides gifts in things, sends you on scavenger hunts, tricks you into thinking you're getting something else, or just straight up surprises you out of nowhere, and it is always so much fun.

He's not judgmental of people unless they do not use there/their/they're, your/you're, etc properly. It gets under his skin for some reason, and it is SO funny.

He is a human disposal. He eats and eats and eats, but you'd never know it to look at him. Whenever I would invite a new friend over, I would always warn them that if they left any food on their plate, he would more than likely finish it for them. After their first visit, they usually came to expect it.

I love following in his professional footsteps. It's fun to compare then and now, and to talk about things we've experienced. If you want to hear a nerdy conversation, you can generally sit in on one of ours and get your fix.

He will do anything he can to help another person. One time I heard our preacher tell my dad, "I am so tired of people saying that Danny Ponder is their little angel..." I loved it! {Don't worry, they're good friends :)}

Not one time in my entire life has he ever told me there was something I wasn't capable of doing.

I love him like crazy, and I hope he has a fabulous Father's Day!

~Check back later this week to hear all about my father-in-law... You won't be sorry you did!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1, 2, 3!

I have three kind-of-random-but-still-connected things to discuss.

Just this morning I was asked the question, "If you weren't a pharmacist, what career would you choose?" Turns out, that very same question is the topic for (1)Wishful Wednesday at The Seattle Smiths today {minus the pharmacist part - which by the way I can now officially call myself because I passed the Boards and have my license! That was pretty much the last step in finalizing this process, and it feels unbelievable to have that weight lifted. :)}

Anyways, my answer to the question was quick and easy - Interior Designer! Not because I am any good at it, mind you, but I enjoy it so very much. I am one hardcore nester. Even when I was a little girl I told people I would be a decorator, which I had forgotten until my dad {who is also a pharmacist, but not so much a nester - ha} reminded me.

I guess that explains why I like having projects and will probably never be finished with this house. I just can't help it!

Today, I'm also doing a tiny bit of (2) Home Sweet Home, the built-in in our dining room/space. {In case you're wondering why I do just little snippets of our remodel at a time, it is because a)we have a fairly small house, and I don't want to run out of posts to do ;), and b)there are usually a few things I want to change before I post photos to the worldwideweb.

For instance, I am still working on some changes to the light fixture in our dining room, so I am basically only posting one wall of the space to show you. To put your mind at ease, however, I will tell you that the fixture is no longer the UFO you see in the picture below.


As a reference point, the wall and door in this picture are no longer there, so the dining room is open to the kitchen {see the kitchen HERE!}. That was probably the most dramatic change because it was the only structural change to this area. The rest was purely cosmetic {the icing on the interior decor cake, if you will}

AFTER: built-in/hardware

The changes were pretty minor - a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. I knew I wanted glass knobs to match the original knobs on the rest of the doors in the house, and I found these online at restoration hardware. They would have been a bit pricey if we were using them in a kitchen or larger built-in, but for such a small cabinet they were not a big investment. I am so glad that they at least look like they could have always been there, even though the rest of the knobs in the house are about sixty years older :).

And now onto (3)Candice Olson Wallpaper! My husband thought I had to be joking when I said I wanted to put up some wallpaper. I then explained that it is making a comeback, and he is just a little behind on design trends {I guess it would be kind of weird if he were up-to-date on them ;)} Plus, I don't want to use just any ole wallpaper, I want to Candice's wallpaper. In my book, Candice can do no wrong, design speaking of course. I can't even get started on how fabulous everything she designs is...some other time, perhaps.

So, I really really really want to try some wallpaper on an accent wall, and I think the wall surrounding the built-in would be a good option.

I love this lattice pattern- modern and clean but still pretty and soft. In my head {my vision, as Nell the Ultimate Nester calls it}, this wallpaper would create a fabulous focal point, and help set off the built-in. My vision, however, could be painfully off, in which case I {meaning Josh} will be left with a gluey ugly mess and huge project to complete just to get the wall back to normal.

Decisions, decisions ... they never were my strong suit ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Name Change

I started this blog on a bit of a whim {you can read my first post HERE}. It was a rainy Friday afternoon, and I didn't have to work, so I just went for it. Needless to say, I picked the blog name quickly without a lot of thought {if you know me at all, you know that not thinking is not like me - my maiden name is "Ponder" for Pete's sake ;)}.

So since Day 1, way back when, I've gone back and forth about whether or not to change the name. I tend to lean to the cheesy side, like way to the cheesy side, so my hesitation was that whatever new name I would pick would inevitably be too much.

Then came the word delightful.

It is a fabulous word, a beautiful word, meaning greatly pleasing or entertaining; joyful.

I like to think of it as describing those things that make it impossible not to smile.

It encompasses not only what I hope this blog to be but something I hope I can be as well. It can be placed in so many contexts - some simple and some complex.

A story can be delightful, or a thought or opinion. A photo can be delightful. Honesty is delightful. A good, hardy belly laugh, a fond memory, and a warm piece of pie {especially ala mode!} are all delightful. A hand written note in the mail or a surprise visit from a friend- so very delightful.

But ultimately, my goal is to be delightful in the sight of the Lord.

I can't ever be perfect, or even have perfect in sight. Some days it feels like I am living from mistake to mistake, but God doesn't see it that way. He forgives so that despite my multitude of imperfections, I can still reach for greatly pleasing Him, being found joyful by Him.

Can I entertain Him? I don't really know about that one...but I'd sure like to think so.

Make no mistake - I know I do sooo many things that aren't delightful - that's where that forgiveness comes in ;). I also know you have to be other things besides delightful, like strong and courageous and faithful and bold, but I still think you can be delightful all the while.


I'm not very good with directions, never have been. I miss turns or turn too soon or get distracted by baby miniature horses in a pasture along the road {they are THE cutest things ever}. But Delightful, that's where I'm trying to go.

Plus it starts with a "D," like Damascus, which is just enough cheesy for me. ;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the space between

You have no idea what confusion one little space can cause. My name is Beth Ann. Beth is my first name and Ann is my middle name, but I go by both of them. Together. But two words.

I hope this doesn't mean I am supposed to be twice the pharmacist ;) {Don't worry, one BethspaceAnn name tag is on its way}

The double-name issue has followed me my whole life {I know, there are worse issues to have, but I'm probably not gonna post about the sixty-seven awkard phases I went through any time soon, so I'll just stick to my name ;)}.

It's pretty comical now all the confusion that arises from being called by two separately-worded names, but when I was younger I had a tendency to make a bit of a stink when people got my name wrong. If anyone had to ask more than once how to spell my name, I blurted out It's Beth.Ann. Two words, no "e," as if it should be committed to memory. Bratty, I know. {I still have to use that definition every now and again, but I do so with a much more gracious tone.}

A lot of times, a person will remember that I have two names, but they're just not quite sure which two names. Mary Beth, Sarah Beth, Jane Ann, Mary Ann...the possibilities are endless, and I generally answer to any combination that is at least half right ;).

Oh, and just as a side note, "Beth Ann" sounds remarkably similar to "but then," which is a surprisingly common phrase. When I say "huh?" to people as if I'm nosy and want to know everything they say {in all honesty, I do hate to be left out...}, it might just be because I thought they said my name when they were actually transitioning from one part of a story to the next.

Speaking of transitions... I don't think I've done too well with those on this post, so I'll call it a night. You now know more than you ever knew there was to know about living life with a space between two names :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skinny Yard Beautiful

Our backyard is significantly longer than it is wide. The fenced-in portion is a perfectly rectangular blank canvas. That sounds good initially, but if a blank canvas remains blank for a certain period of time {Oh, say...two and a half years...}, there is a risk that blank will translate into blah. We have a beautiful Crepe Myrtle by our back deck that anchors the yard, but other than that it's... all opportunity ;). I think we will probably plant some nice, full bushes or trees and maybe some flowers {of the species: Verylow maintenanceum}, and I know the end result will be lovely!

BUT... just for fun...let's pretend for a t-tiny little moment that I had an unlimited budget {or even just a slightly excessive budget}. I think a little something like this would be so fabulous!


Doesn't that just look like a perfect narrow oasis to enjoy after a long day of work or on a sunny saturday {like the one when we met Lady :)}? Not to mention that with the lack of mowing required, it's a win-win!

You wanna know what would make it even better? Silly question. Of course you do.

There is an old building/garage on the side of our yard that is begging me to give it new life. Here's what the budgetless portion of my brain {I get so mad at that particular portion} has in mind:

{I can't remember where I found this photo...}

Picture if you replace that little porch-ish section with the pool and surround from the top picture. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? A combination pool house/guest cottage {with practically an entire wall of sliding french doors}! Holy smokes, right? I know, I can hardly stand it myself.

Inside, everything could be painted white {walls and floor included}, so it would be so completely clean and fresh, and a seagrass rug would show up beautifully with dark wood furniture {and there would most definitely be a hardcore gym in the back, Joshie, if you're reading this...}, and there could be a small kitchenette and it could be so cozy and it would be like getting to have a vacation home right by my actual home and the perfect place for family and friends to stay and relax when they come to visit!

Whoa. If I had to read that outloud I would be blue in the face. ;)

Do you have budgetless ideas? Let's see 'em!

Friday, May 21, 2010

FAIRy tale

Hello, my name is Beth Ann, and I am fair skinned.

There's no two ways about it. It takes an act of congress for my skin to deepen in color {naturally, it's approximately 3 shades darker than paper}. Unlike some redheads, I don't even freckle enough to look tan from a distance. The darkest I've ever been was the summer I got married, but that was after months of tanning {don't judge me - I will discuss in detail later}, a week in Jamaica and another week in Florida. Even at my wedding, one of the photographers commented, "It's so rare to see a peaches'n'cream bride these days."

Excuse me ma'am, but I KNOW you meant peaches'n'TAN...

I didn't really say that, I just smiled. And tried not to barf before I walked down the aisle, but that's another story.

Anyways, I could have rocked the 1800s, especially with a corset - whatever happened to those things? {Head's up: I was going to put a funny picture of a woman getting her corset laced back in the day as the token photo for this post. DO NOT GOOGLE CORSET LACING. very inappropriate. This post will go pictureless.}

Alas it is the 21st century, and I must play the hand I'm dealt. I have approximately every risk factor for skin cancer possible {yes, I've worn a t-shirt in place of sunscreen before ;)}, but there are two sides to the Sun Story. It's not all bad- Not even for those of us of a lighter variety.

A girls gotta have some vitamin D, for lots of reasons {decreased risk of several female cancers, better calcium absorption, stronger bones, etc}. Did you know you can only build bone until you're 30, and then after that all you can do is try to maintain? Yikes, right?

So today, I got some sun Redneck Riviera style on my back deck {sleeves rolled up, sipping a glass of ice water, and enjoying my Comprehensive Pharmacy Review just don't get no better'n'at.}

The point: Fifteen to twenty minutes of sun three times a week is currently considered the appropriate amount of sun to get adequate vitamin D.

Did you know that already? Don't tell me if you did. Just let me think I brought valuable information to the table.

{Since I usually can't get that at home, I might go to a tanning bed but only for like 5 minutes. It's now officially recognized by the FDA as a cigarettes are to lung cancer as tanning beds are to skin cancer. But I really don't go very much, and I feel like it helps keep me from burning when I do actually encounter sunlight, and burns increase your risk of skin cancer too, so it's really six-one-way-half-dozen-another, right? ;)}.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Guest Bathroom

So, yesterday I discovered The Seattle Smiths, {too much consecutive time off, it has to end soon...} a super cute blog that I am excited to follow. Each Wednesday, The Seattle Smiths host "Wishful Wednesday" as a fun way to get everyone through hump day. I think it is such a cute idea, and I am psyched {I don't really say psyched, but evidently I type it} to participate!

However, the topic this week is I wish I could come home to this bedroom. I am actually about to re-redo our bedroom and am super torn {not like I wish there was world peace torn, but more... confused and don't want to re-re-redo our bedroom torn because that would just be excessive} about what I am going to do, so I'll just have to try starting Wishful Wednesday next week.

In keeping with home ideas, however, I thought it would be a good time to share another little piece of our home reno, the guest bathroom {which incidentally, has only been fully functioning for about six months, but it's looked like it functioned for quite some time...a well placed shower curtain can cover a world of hurt, ya know what I mean ;) }

Yet again, we have a phenomenal BEFORE:

This paint technique, which was applied not only to the walls but also to all the trim {painting the trim was the previous homeowner's theme throughout the house...just lovely}, the ceiling, and the door, must have taken some serious time. I don't know if you can tell, but it's a very intricate camouflage design, lots of colors, layers, and texture. And I think the navy and cream striped curtain really sets it off perfectly, don't you? ;)


Even just priming it was like... a cleansing of sorts. Looking back on these pictures, I cannot believe how overzealous First Time Homebuyer Beth Ann was. She was so naive.


It is simple and probably needs a bit more pizazz and accessorizing, but it's definitely a step or fifteen in the right direction. :)

If you missed it, you can check out Home Sweet Home: Kitchen HERE!

Happy Hump Day!