Thursday, August 26, 2010

Must Have: Red Letter Words

I stumbled on Red Letter Words a long time ago, and I loved it immediately! Dee, the creator of these unique displays, started her business because she wanted a cool way to display scripture in her home {I don't know her, I just read about it on her website ;)} It's like the modern alternative to the traditional scripture plates.

My only problem with Red Letter Words is that it's jam-packed full of so many options I can't decide which to choose. But if I let my indecisiveness keep me from sharing fun finds, I might not ever share anything at all...

How perfect for an office? I bet I would have studied a lot harder in pharmacy school if I looked up from my desk and saw this-ha!

And I'm pretty sure this set would work in any room in the home- especially the kitchen or living room, somewhere your family spends time together.

This displayed next to a wedding photo-so sweet!

I guess this doesn't mean the Real Housewives series, huh? ;)

I love finding such a fabulous contribution to making God's Word a focus in my home. These are just a few of my favorites {I'll let you know when I decide!}, but you should totally visit the website, and see all the options for yourself!

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Julia said...

I'm not trying to sway you or anything but Philippians 4:8 is one of my favorites pieces of scripture. When I'm faced with a difficult decision like "Which of these should I purchase?" I can usually talk myself in to getting them all. Here's hoping you are stronger than me.