Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1, 2, 3!

I have three kind-of-random-but-still-connected things to discuss.

Just this morning I was asked the question, "If you weren't a pharmacist, what career would you choose?" Turns out, that very same question is the topic for (1)Wishful Wednesday at The Seattle Smiths today {minus the pharmacist part - which by the way I can now officially call myself because I passed the Boards and have my license! That was pretty much the last step in finalizing this process, and it feels unbelievable to have that weight lifted. :)}

Anyways, my answer to the question was quick and easy - Interior Designer! Not because I am any good at it, mind you, but I enjoy it so very much. I am one hardcore nester. Even when I was a little girl I told people I would be a decorator, which I had forgotten until my dad {who is also a pharmacist, but not so much a nester - ha} reminded me.

I guess that explains why I like having projects and will probably never be finished with this house. I just can't help it!

Today, I'm also doing a tiny bit of (2) Home Sweet Home, the built-in in our dining room/space. {In case you're wondering why I do just little snippets of our remodel at a time, it is because a)we have a fairly small house, and I don't want to run out of posts to do ;), and b)there are usually a few things I want to change before I post photos to the worldwideweb.

For instance, I am still working on some changes to the light fixture in our dining room, so I am basically only posting one wall of the space to show you. To put your mind at ease, however, I will tell you that the fixture is no longer the UFO you see in the picture below.


As a reference point, the wall and door in this picture are no longer there, so the dining room is open to the kitchen {see the kitchen HERE!}. That was probably the most dramatic change because it was the only structural change to this area. The rest was purely cosmetic {the icing on the interior decor cake, if you will}

AFTER: built-in/hardware

The changes were pretty minor - a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. I knew I wanted glass knobs to match the original knobs on the rest of the doors in the house, and I found these online at restoration hardware. They would have been a bit pricey if we were using them in a kitchen or larger built-in, but for such a small cabinet they were not a big investment. I am so glad that they at least look like they could have always been there, even though the rest of the knobs in the house are about sixty years older :).

And now onto (3)Candice Olson Wallpaper! My husband thought I had to be joking when I said I wanted to put up some wallpaper. I then explained that it is making a comeback, and he is just a little behind on design trends {I guess it would be kind of weird if he were up-to-date on them ;)} Plus, I don't want to use just any ole wallpaper, I want to Candice's wallpaper. In my book, Candice can do no wrong, design speaking of course. I can't even get started on how fabulous everything she designs is...some other time, perhaps.

So, I really really really want to try some wallpaper on an accent wall, and I think the wall surrounding the built-in would be a good option.

I love this lattice pattern- modern and clean but still pretty and soft. In my head {my vision, as Nell the Ultimate Nester calls it}, this wallpaper would create a fabulous focal point, and help set off the built-in. My vision, however, could be painfully off, in which case I {meaning Josh} will be left with a gluey ugly mess and huge project to complete just to get the wall back to normal.

Decisions, decisions ... they never were my strong suit ;)


Lindsay said...

Stopping by from Seattle Smith's! Love your blog and design ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations friend on being d.o.n.e. with license in hand! Whew hew! Your home is beautiful by the way!

Meredith said...

Hey BAP, thanks for the visit! I love that wallpaper sample you picked. I say go for it ;) The IO Metro Blog just did a post with some wallpaper photos in it if you want to check it out:

Good luck!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I wish I had the creativity and gift to become a decorator! ALSO, that wallpaper is amazing!