Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winner Winner

No chicken dinner. Something way better, in fact! A super cute organizational tool called a Roll-A-Deck from an incredibly fabulous woman I've known my whole life and blog-stalked for a few years :)

Amy at Sincerely Yours is a whole lot of things I am not - crafty, uber creative, culinarily inclined... just ridiculously talented. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog. She is the designer/creator of the most beautiful "paper lovelies" I've ever seen, and she combines dreamy pictures of her creations with sweet stories and sentiments, ideas and ideals, and pies. I think she really loves pies.

Back to the prize. I've admited from Day 1 that my domesticity leaves a bit to be desired, but one characteristic I share with Amy is an affinity for color-coded organization. Combine this with the mental scar left from erasing everything off my iPhone a few months ago {yes, I shed a tear...or two}, and I knew that this would be a pretty and practical solution/back up.

Now, I must point out that, luckily, I was the winner chosen at random. Had this been a contest based on the ideas for use, I would have lost. By a long shot. I read such sweet ideas about using the papers to make notes for kids' lunches and to write Bible verses for kids to memorize. I almost felt guilty that I plan to use it for plain ol' contact info. Almost. ;)

Thanks so much, Amy! I really will use my very best handwriting!