Thursday, July 29, 2010


I would say grown up, but I don't think I've grown vertically since like the sixth or seventh grade. However, in the last few weeks I am quite certain I have been launched into full fledged grown up-ville. And you know what? It's not all bad. It's busy and challenging, mind you, but I'm getting in the groove. Or at least I think I am, and I would prefer that no one tell me otherwise ;).

Aside from the whole responsibility part of being an adult, I had a fun big girl activity {that I hated as a child... that's how I know I'm maturing} - my first auction as an actual bidder.

My mom used to drag me to auctions all the time when I was a wee one, and I thought they were miserable. They smelled musty and were undoubtedly filled with things like ceramic dolls with cracked faces and pictures of little children who didn't smile and beds I knew old people were sleeping on when they died. Creepy. I was not interested.

A few weeks ago I was equally uninterested in going to an estate auction when we were visiting the fam in Mountain Home. I'm pretty sure I even pouted as we were walking in, but Josh considers himself a city boy and felt this was a small town experience he needed. He stopped by the front desk and signed us in.

Well, put an auction card in my hand, and suddenly I come alive. Who knew?

I spotted my target quickly, and I was prepared to fight for it. Turns out, I am not to be messed with on the auction floor. {Evidently I get that from my mother. She's been to so many auctions that she doesn't even use a card. Tommy, the auctioneer, just looks at her, and she nods and blinks as a bid or just barely shakes her head no as a sign she'll pass.}

Back to my purchase. I was glad that people were bidding against me because it made the process more exciting. Then when the other bidders backed down, it was as if I had been on a hunt and made a kill. I know that sounds dramatic, but I don't hunt or kill so I'm just guessing.

Now, check out this fabulous antique desk chair! And the bottom line? $24.50, thank you very much.

It swivels and reclines, it has the booty-shaped seat for added comfort, and it oozes character from years spent in front of an architect's desk.

Compare it to the Pottery Barn chair below, which would have set me back a whopping $399!


Way more money and way less charm.


And just as a side note: I'm pretty sure no one died in the chair, so I feel very comfortable having it in my home :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Up, Up, and Away...

In our beautiful, our beautiful balloon!

I was going to share this story during Kelly's Korner show us your life, and then I completely forgot. It's the story of our engagement, and it's one I really want to have documented, so I thought today {our anniversary :)} would be a good day to post it. In all fairness, I should warn you that it is a long post, but I wanted to have as many details documented as possible for posterity's sake. So if you're up to it, grab a cup of coffee {I recommend Vanilla Caramel creamer to go along with it}, and enjoy!


It was the first semester of my first year of pharmacy school {an overwhelming shock to my system, to say the least}. Josh and I had recently discussed marriage and how it just didn't seem feasible at the moment {I know you're thinking that is the oldest trick in the book, but it was a serious conversation... or so I thought}.

Thursday marked the last of a string of four tests in seven days, and I was pooped. Josh asked me what I wanted to do that weekend, and I huffed and puffed because I just wanted him to make the plans. I made it very clear that I thought he never planned anything. I generally don't have a problem communicating my feelings ;).

Friday he said that I should stay the night at his parents house because we were going to go to his nephew's soccer game early Saturday morning. Not exactly the sort of plans I was thinking of, but I didn't have to make any decisions so it was all good ... Until he said the soccer tournament started at 7AM, and we needed to be there by 6:30. I mean the nephew is great and all, but 6:30? And I have to look decent enough to be seen by soccer moms? This game better be good.


We got up and got ready {I wore makeup... at 6AM...for the soccer moms}, and then we were off to the west side of town right on time. The earliest parts of the story are kind of hazy for me... cars can lull me to sleep in 10 min or less, so I might have dozed a bit during our drive. When I re-woke up, we were in a random parking lot. I remember Josh driving around the parking lot saying he was looking for his sister's van.

He lied. ;) He was looking for the balloon man.

Now at this point, you think I have to know, right? Negative, ghost rider. I had told Josh several times how badly I had always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. Once we finally found the balloon man, and I knew we weren't going to be watching soccer, Josh gave me a sweet {and partially honest} spiel about how he knew I was stressed and could use a surprise, and he wanted to plan something special.

I was elated.

It was, honestly, one of the coolest things I've ever done! I'm quite sure that it was the closest to being a bird I will ever experience.

We floated side by side, and I loved every second of it. I wanted to talk, talk, talk about every little detail - the houses and the horses, the mountains and their Maker, the roads and the rubble. We saw so much! Josh was so quiet.

When we floated over the Arkansas River {that's the reflection of the balloon in the water if you can't tell}, Balloon Man got us so close to the water that we were eye level with people on the shore. It was sooo crazy! {Josh said later that at this point he was so nervous he thought he might barf...}


Hot air balloons do not have propellers. Balloon Man could control UP and DOWN with that fiery gas business, but any other direction was truly at the mercy of the wind. Our ride was scheduled for an hour, but after nearly two hours, we still hadn't landed.

I started to get nervous because Balloon Man was acting nervous. {Josh was probably numb by now-ha} Something to do with the amount of fuel and the direction of the wind and the area required for landing...

He saw a spot that was definitely a long shot, but for fear of not having another opportunity, he went for it. The execution was actually very impressive. *Whew* We made it... somewhere.


A picturesque little lake in the middle of some Arkansas woods - the scenery was fabulous. That's probably why it was private, gated property complete with guard dogs.

The three of us {Josh, me, Balloon Man} breathed a sigh of relief once we were on solid ground, but I remember thinking that Josh and Balloon Man were acting wierd. I didn't understand why we weren't getting out of the balloon. I looked across the lake and saw a man walking rapidly toward us. I squinted to get a better look.

"Is that my dad?"

The instant those words left my lips, Josh spun me around to face him and dropped to his knees.

He said beautiful words ...

...and I said yes!

Seconds later, I confirmed that the man I saw was my dad {who had been moving so quickly because he was being chased by the guard dogs after he jumped the fence}. Both sets of our parents had been chasing the balloon by car, following Balloon Man's wife.

Thankfully, the private property we used for a landing strip belonged to a very nice, very understanding couple. They were so excited for us, and so sweet to let the rest of our family come to their lake and celebrate with us - sans hounds!

I could not have asked for a more perfectly imperfect proposal {or planned it for that matter}!

Today, we celebrate three years of marriage, and I can honestly say that these have been my favorite three years ever. Ever.