Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skinny Yard Beautiful

Our backyard is significantly longer than it is wide. The fenced-in portion is a perfectly rectangular blank canvas. That sounds good initially, but if a blank canvas remains blank for a certain period of time {Oh, say...two and a half years...}, there is a risk that blank will translate into blah. We have a beautiful Crepe Myrtle by our back deck that anchors the yard, but other than that it's... all opportunity ;). I think we will probably plant some nice, full bushes or trees and maybe some flowers {of the species: Verylow maintenanceum}, and I know the end result will be lovely!

BUT... just for fun...let's pretend for a t-tiny little moment that I had an unlimited budget {or even just a slightly excessive budget}. I think a little something like this would be so fabulous!

{photo: restorationhardware.com}

Doesn't that just look like a perfect narrow oasis to enjoy after a long day of work or on a sunny saturday {like the one when we met Lady :)}? Not to mention that with the lack of mowing required, it's a win-win!

You wanna know what would make it even better? Silly question. Of course you do.

There is an old building/garage on the side of our yard that is begging me to give it new life. Here's what the budgetless portion of my brain {I get so mad at that particular portion} has in mind:

{I can't remember where I found this photo...}

Picture if you replace that little porch-ish section with the pool and surround from the top picture. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? A combination pool house/guest cottage {with practically an entire wall of sliding french doors}! Holy smokes, right? I know, I can hardly stand it myself.

Inside, everything could be painted white {walls and floor included}, so it would be so completely clean and fresh, and a seagrass rug would show up beautifully with dark wood furniture {and there would most definitely be a hardcore gym in the back, Joshie, if you're reading this...}, and there could be a small kitchenette and it could be so cozy and it would be like getting to have a vacation home right by my actual home and the perfect place for family and friends to stay and relax when they come to visit!

Whoa. If I had to read that outloud I would be blue in the face. ;)

Do you have budgetless ideas? Let's see 'em!

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