Thursday, December 22, 2011



From a poppyseed...

To a sweet pea...

Then an olive...

Baby Davenport {currently a plum!} is expected to arrive July 1.

We are beyond excited and feel incredibly blessed.

Stay tuned for details ;)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Josh and I {and Lady and Rose} finally had our family photos taken by Amy Hough a few weeks ago, and not only do we love the ones we've seen so far, but it was so much fun!

She is like a magician with sunlight! {When my mom saw this picture she said that we must be whispering sweet nothings. Actually, we were talking about what we wanted to have for dinner. For reals.}

This is an honest laugh because it took us several tries to get his arm around my neck in a way that didn't look abusive - haha!

Amy's husband, Jeff {a peach of a fellow}, worked with her the whole time. I love good teamwork! He happens to know how to make these wierd noises that got the dogs' attention. Trust me, if he can manage to get Lady and Rose to look straight at the camera at the same time, getting children to pose must be cake.

Josh and I even managed to respond to the noises on occasion ;).

Okay, enough about us. {She took a bagillion pictures, but I just posted a few so it's not too awkward, ok? ;)} Go to Amy's website and see her work for yourself. She loves taking pictures, and she made us feel like we were just hanging out and she happened to have a camera. {We hang out on cool antique couches in the middle of open fields all the time ;)}. In case I haven't made myself clear, I highly recommend her!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Not vehicles...words. I've learned 3 new hybrid words in the last few days, and I really feel like I need to share the wealth. By hybrid words, I mean like breakfast + lunch = brunch {incidentally my favorite meal - probably because it's the only meal during which it is acceptable to have pancakes and dessert at the same sitting ;)}. Or like turducken - a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey or something like that. Don't worry, a turducken is not one of my three.

maletese + yorkie = {Morkie}

We got to hang out this weekend with my college roomate, Kimberly, and her husband, Brock, who also happened to be one of Josh's suite mates in college. They are two of our favorite people in the world, and we had such a great time! Even though we could not convince them to plunge into puppy parenthood {I'm pretty sure they think we are cah-razy ;)}, they had been looking at these little beauties. I hadn't ever heard of them before, but I think they are super cute!

Stop it, right?


pumpkin pie + apple pie + chocolate & vanilla cake = {Pumpple Cake}

I realize I talk about Kathie Lee and Hota more than the average bear, but they showed this cake, and even though it sounds kind of completely gross, I'm just intrigued enough to want a taste. Can't you just hear Willy Wonka {the old one, not the creepy Johnny Depp one} offering children pumpple cake? Sounds way better than pot roast and mashed potato chewing gum.

That, my friends, is 1800 calories per slice.

closet + office = {Cloffice}

I just learned this word on Viva L.A. , a new favorite blog of mine. L. and I used to deal drugs together {world's oldest/cheesiest pharmacist joke...sorry! ;)}, and she has been extra informative lately. This word actually has two interpretations.
1} an office in a closet.

That's cute, but this is better.

2}The function of an office combined with the luxury of having a whole room to spread out clothes and shoes and jewelry is almost more than my little heart can stand. Just look at them.

If you ask me, a hybrid cloffice beats a Prius any day of the week :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten: Online Design

Actually... it's Top Five, and it's online shopping, but to make up for the other five I included one item from each spot that we have in our home {in the design of our home ;)}.

I am an avid online shopper, but I still try really hard to stick to American made purchases. The following five sites are my favorite {i.e. most trusted} online shopping destinations. And although you have to be careful with a couple of them, a large portiion of their products are made in the USA.

If online shopping makes you crazy nervous, I recommend making sure one of two qualifiers is always met. Any time I buy online, either I have seen it in a catalog that has more accurate pictures/colors than online, or there are a lot of really good reviews. And if it's a bigger purchase like a rug or piece of furniture {yes, I have ordered didn't know I was such a risk taker, did you? ;)} - order a swatch of the material or the wood finish before you commit. Oh, and be sure to pay attention to dimensions. They'll getcha.

Aside from those requirements, I only have a couple of other tips. Always look for free shipping. All sites have it periodically, and it's worth the wait to hold off. And if you sign up for the emails from whichever sites you're looking into, you'll often get coupons for significant percentages off or sales that they don't post for everyone to see.

Okay, here we go:

{5} Etsy

I started with this one because it is the most unique and probably the most blogged about. For the three people who didn't know waaaay before me, it's an online market where talented people sell what they make and less talented people {or at least in my case ;)} can buy it. I love the idea and the products!

This is a close up of a pillow cover I am almost ready to integrate into a new scheme in the living room. It is from LilyonBlue, and I was super impressed with her!

{4} Pottery Barn

This is one of my favorite stores and online sites for accessories, and their frames have free shipping almost all the time.

Here is a part of the collection of PB frames with family photos on our buffet.

{3} Target

I just purchased our new dining chairs from, and we love them! They were on sale and plus had an extra discount at the time. Target's website has 15% off furniture items pretty regularly and has free shipping on orders over $150 on a regular basis.

I'll do a big picture once I find the perfect rug to go under the table :)

{2} Ballard Designs

I'm a BIG fan of Ballard Designs. You can find a 15% coupon in a lot of issues of Southern Living! We bought our living room rug from here a while ago, but I ordered a swatch first {for ~$5}. When they sent the swatch, they sent another coupon {worth a lot more than $5} with it. Score :)

These are the large and medium medici capitols from BD. They are perfect for setting a drink or magazine down when you're on the far end of the couch. It may not be their permanent home, but it is working for now.

{1} Overstock

If you haven't shopped on this site, what are you waiting for?!? It's like a super sale every single day. And you get shipping for $2. Like the bar stools you see in our kitchen below. The low profile of the back keeps from obstructing the view of the island.

The picture on top is from a while can tell we were not good at training Lady not to chew shoes because they are all on the stool and the counter. Once the shoes were out of reach, she went for the pant leg. Yikes. ;) The picture on the bottom is the website's picture of the stools. They shipped for free. They came fully assembled. And we got 10% off. The reviews were really what sold me, though.


Now, get to shopping ladies {and gents?} - somebody's got to support this economy! ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011


September 11 has been an important day for my family since long before 9-11. It was my grandmother's birthday, which is why yesterday was bittersweet.

I am the youngest child of my mother who is the youngest child of her mother. By normal definitions, I am separated from my mother by two generations and my grandmother by four. The interesting thing about her birthday having the shadow of a tragedy is that she had lived through a whole lot of deep American heartache in her 90+ years {The Great Depression. World War II. Major stuff.}, but her life was anything but tragic. In fact, after she died a few years ago, more people than I can remember told us how fun her funeral was. {Not in a creepy, morbid way. In a funny stories celebration of life kind of way. I can't make that sound normal, just trust me.} I wish I had the stories that were shared that day, but I'm not sure where they are, so instead I'll share a little diddy about her I will never forget. ;)

My grandmother's name was Dorothy {actually it was officially Dorotha, which I never understood}, and she said exactly what she thought every minute of every day {ohhh, genetics ;)}. As Bro Mike reminded us, she had two great loves in life - Joe {my grandfather...obviously} and cooking. Combine her love of butter and cream {Paula Deen had nothin' on my Grandma} and her childhood during the Great Depression, and she was always ready to feed you... a lot. If you didn't clean your plate, you were either ill or serious insulting her. Her love language was food.

Cue embarrassing story. Enjoy.


It was the first time I had taken Josh to Mountain Home, so naturally we went to see Grandma. Keep in mind while reading, we had not been dating for that long.

Now, one thing you never ever ever did was show up for a visit without a sweet treat of some sort for her in your hands. So we went to the Dairy Queen, got her a blizzard, and headed her way.

When we arrived, I introduced Josh and held my breath to wait for whatever questions she would have or honest thoughts she would share. My biggest concern at first was please don't call him the wrong name, please please Grandma, don't call him the wrong name.

She didn't. She didn't embarrass him at all.


Josh gave her the blizzard, she made sure her dentures were fully secure, and then with the sweetest little grin and southern accent said,

Well, I never was one to turn down chocolate.

"Me either, Grandma," I quickly replied.

Yeah, you do look a little thicker than you used to.


Oh, I'm turning red. Annnnd redder. Geminy crickets she did not just tell my relatively new boyfriend I look thicker. Yes, she did, and she meant it as the highest compliment. She followed it with,

I mean you used to just look your stomach was stapled to your backbone. {Let me assure anyone reading this that my stomach has never been in the remote vicinity of my backbone. This is where the Great Depression skewed her view :)}

I sat with Josh, mortified and sweaty, as she moved on to the next topic of conversation as if she had just mentioned the weather. I don't remember another thing she said, but I do remember that she was her usual charming, witty self and that she won Josh over in record time.


As much as I still giggle at thinking back on that day, a whole host of memories flood my mind when I think about her. Her most famous culinary delight was an incredible butter cake {appropriately titled, I assure you}. My grandfather was the love of her earthly life, and she told everyone who would listen {sometimes multiple times in a single conversation} about how wonderful the sixty years and eight months they had together had been. Most of all, she loved Jesus, and I would imagine she's made Him that butter cake by now. No calories in heaven, right? ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten: Puppy Products

I skipped a week - Let’s just call it an oops - and I'm not exactly on time this week. {That's what I get for picking a title with a day of the week built in.} Ten things is kind of a lot to come up with for a list. I may be switching to Friday Top Five in the future, but for today I have ten super cute {and some completely totally ridiculously frivolous} puppy products!

Now if a description of your little ones doesn't include fur, you may not be interested in this post, and I completely understand. Before you think I’m crazy, let me say that I know that having dogs and having children are in two totally different realms – but until I have people children, I cannot love a small bodied creature anymore than I do Lady & Rose. Don’t judge me. ;)

I do not own a single one of the following items, but in a budget less world, I probably would ;)

{10} Puppy Stairs
Steppin' up in style.

{9}Petit Four Legs
Clever...wish I would have thought of it myself...

{8}Food Canisters

{7}Puppy Life Jackets
If they start to float away, just grab your polka-dot pooch by the handle and scoot 'em your way.

{6}Halloween Costumes
I believe Lady would make an excellent banana split and Rose a bumble bee.

{5}Booster Seat
Lean back. Lean back.

{4}Outdoor Chaise Lounger
A bit of shade to prevent premature aging.

{3}Aged Nickel Pet Dish
I always say you can never have too much aged nickel. {Not really, but it sure is fancy. ;)}

{2}Doggie Treadmill
I wouldn't have believed it existed if I didn't see it for myself.

{1}Puppy Trundle Bed
You know, for puppy bunkin' parties. It's just a little chump change {kidding...$699! whoa.} But seriously, isn't that crazy cute and cozy?

Next week I will be punctual and about people.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten: DIY Projects

{I may or may not complete... in a lifetime ;)}

In my very first post, I admitted to my lack of skill in all things domestic. I wasn't completely forthcoming about the topic, so I'm going to get this off my chest. You see, I wasn't born un-domestic. Quite the opposite, in fact.

-I sewed my first pillow at the age of three. Hand stitched.
-By kindergarten, I had patched together a quilt. {I went to a sewing group with both of my babysitters. I was the only one under the age of 75.}
-My sweet, {seemingly} understanding brothers received personally puff painted sweatshirts as birthday presents in their teen years. Football themed for my oldest brother and a trumpet {with musical notes} for my middle brother. Sparkle was involved.
-You should have seen the Valentine's Day mailbox my mom and I made for my second grade class contest. It won first place. Ithink it's still in the storage room. {sheesh.}
-I learned to crochet before I was a 'tween.
-I decorated cakes through most of my middle school years. One lady actually paid me. {She most definitely should not have done so.} I even learned how to sugar-ize {?} edible flowers for pizazz.
-There was a needle-point phase during some part of my adolescence, but I can't remember where it fits in the timeline.
-I baked {edible goods} from scratch.

As I grew older, though, something happened. I don't know when exactly, but at some point I turned into the girl who forgets to drain the macaroni before she adds the cheese and can't manage to sew on a button to save her life.

So in my dream world, I am going to rekindle the craftiness of my youth and ... make something. Like crafty people do. And if I can't, I'm going to fake it {because this is the internet...who's gonna know, right? :)}. I'm totally kidding. I won't do that.

Top Ten DIY Projects:
{Sources/Credits linked below each picture}

{10}Painted Wallpaper
I am not hardcore enough to do an entire room, but an accent wall is a maybe.

{9}Upholstered Headboard
Full disclosure: this ain't happ'nin'. But it is an impressive undertaking and deserved a mention. The shape and the nailheads are just lovely.

I love silhouettes. I think they are one of the coolest and most timeless accessories, and I want to silhouette every single person I know and love.

{7}Book Page Wreath
I saw a project similar to this one a long time ago done with sheet music, and it was really fabulous. For a minute I thought that pages from the Bible would be neat, but I'm not about to tear one up. That would be a poor decision.

{6}Mini Polaroid Magnets
Stop It. I'm such a sucker for anything miniature.

via my high school friend Emily {The Pilot's Wife} via ambrosiagirl on Pinterest

{5}Monogram Block Letter
I think I would like it better with just the letters or maybe the letters and the date. I feel like I could actually pull this one off.

{4}Napkin Snowball
Napkins? Got 'em. Christmas decoration? Yes, please. It will be so thriftily beautiful.

{3}No Sew Roman Shade
I need this in a modern gray and white fabric hanging over the window in the kitchen. Need is a stretch- want is more accurate.

{2}Painted Furniture
If I ever get my hands on some spray paint, watch out. I am ready to paint some furniture. And you know what?...I probably won't sand it first. It could be disasterous. Or it could be fabulous.

Live the Home Life {an Arkansas girl...I love that!}

{1}Organized Pantry Makeover
It's awe-inspiring. I don't feel like words can do it justice. Just click the link below and discover for yourself.

I'll let you know if any DIY dream turns into reality...even if it bites ;)

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten

I am not an extreme person. In fact, I am the opposite of extreme…as moderate as they come. {We’re talking lifestyle here…not personality… ;)}With these tendencies in mind, I am always looking for un-extreme ways to be a little healthier. I really like nuggets of information to help me fight off becoming a statistic, so I've compiled a list of ten health facts that aren't always talked about but can be used moderately and regularly to impact health. Some of them I do already, some I would like to add, a couple I just learned today. I am by no means an expert on these topics {just a disclaimer ;)}, but I would like to remember the information for myself, so I'm documenting. This post is wordy {not that shocking, I know}, so consider yourself warned!


It is important to know your family health history without a doubt. Huge. But in terms of how you age, newer studies show that how gracefully or not-so-gracefully you age is only about 20% your genes and a whopping 80% your lifestyle. In other words, I can’t lean on my Mama’s beautiful skin to hope mine will be the same in a few years. So I wear a hat in the sun. A big one.

{9}Colon Cleanse
In my home growing up, we used a lot of potty talk. No, not foul language in the sense of four letter words - my parents don’t even say butt. I mean literal potty…toilet…talk. I can’t count the number of times one of my friends was asking for advice on some health issue, and my dad’s first imploring question was “When was your last bowel movement?” Somehow it was always relevant. Therefore, it is an unusually comfortable subject for me to bring up, much to my mother’s chagrin. I will keep this clean so as to honor her, though, and suffice to say this: there are healthy colon cleanse techniques that are good ways to periodically rid your body of toxins and reset your system. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR and don’t do anything extreme…or stupid.

{8}Reading burns more calories than watching TV
When you are as short as I am, you have to be aware of every calorie because you can see exactly where it goes. Reading, on average, burns 30% more calories than watching TV. If anything would motivate me to read, that would be it. And just think how many more calories typing burns. Burn burn burn burn burn. I think I just earned a cookie…crumb. ;)

Ingredient substitution in meals we eat often is my favorite way to increase nutrition and decrease empty calories. My general rule is to replace any carb with its whole grain version and decrease calories from high fat/high cholesterol foods. Oh, and I like Smart Balance Buttery Spread {and Smart Balance peanut butter} because it provides omega fatty acids that are heart healthy instead of artery-clogging.

{6}Lefty loosey
And wrinkly. The left side of our faces is actually more wrinkled and aged than the right side because of UV exposure while we drive. Isn’t that nuts? Kathie Lee and Hota told me this morning. Tinting your windows {with a broad spectrum UV blocking tint…not to be cool} can significantly decrease the effects, especially if you’re a commuter.

{5}SPF myth
You cannot apply SPF 150 and be done for the week. It doesn’t work like that. Your best bet is to apply SPF 15-30 {any SPF over 30 is just advertising} every morning and every 2-4 hours while you’re outside depending on your activity level and how much time you spend in the water. And on that note, water-proof sunscreen cannot be clinically tested accurately, so don’t count on it. The FDA is actually mandating new packaging for sunscreen next year because there are so many unfounded claims on the current packaging.

Did you know that magnesium deficiency makes your heart rate higher? I didn’t until this week. And a lower heart rate is associated with better cardiovascular health and lower rates of heart attack. You have to be careful with supplementing magnesium because having too much is no bueno for your GI system or for your heart in extreme cases. I use a type of magnesium supplement that also helps you wind down and sleep more soundly, but I don't use it every night.

{3}Dirty mouth? Clean it up.
A clean mouth leads to a healthy heart. I hate flossing. It is gross. But I make myself do it now because there’s no denying its necessity. Sometimes I use a WaterPik and mouthwash instead. Sometimes I still skip it, but those times are decreasing. Back off, bacteria.

{2}Little Bits
This fits two categories. I feel like we all know that several small meals a day is a healthier way to fuel the body. I recently read that little spurts of exercise are good, too, though. If you get bored or tired doing a long exercise routine, break it up into two or three smaller ones. It doesn’t give you as much of a cardiovascular workout, but it’s still a benefit overall.

{1}Pets make you healthier
I’m not gonna lie - this one is my favorite! They love unconditionally, yes, and they are as excited to see me walk in the door if I walked out three minutes before as if I had been gone all day. But the benefit of owning a pet is scientifically proven. They lower blood pressure spikes better than medication. They decrease stress, improve mood, and encourage physical activity. And they are cu-uu-uuute.

Here’s to a healthier us!

Next week - more pictures, less words :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten

I have posted 3 times in all of 2011. Three. Who knows what chronicles I won't remember because I didn't ... well, chronicle them.

Cue Tuesday's Top Ten. I'm doing it. Every tuesday {or at least most Tuesdays ;)}. And I am starting today with:

The Top Ten Things I Haven't Blogged About
{note: Mom, I know that the grammatically correct title is The Top Ten Things About Which I Have Not Blogged, but that sounds snooty, and I just can't do it. ;)}

{10} I got a new job!
Don't get me wrong- I loved my old job, but an opportunity came up that allows waaaaay more balance in my life, and I am so incredibly excited and thankful!

{9} I discovered Pinterest.
Whoa. It is both fabulous and addicting, and I really like getting emails from "Ben and the Pinterest team!" I feel like they are really nice, and I would like to get to know them.

{8}Engagement Central!
Two of my best friends from college and one of my technicians at work have all gotten engaged in the last few weeks. Sooooooo exciting!!! They are all precious girls, and I am so excited about all the festivities to come.

{7}Garage {Yard} Sale
We are having one. We are purging. Out with the old, and in with some cash...50 cents at a time :). Our office is currently a storage room which would be fine if we lived in a huge house with lots of rooms, but we live in a small house, and we need that room. So we are selling the junk {treasures} currently residing in it...and our attic...and our storage building. Stay tuned.

{6}Family Photos
I recently realized that just because we haven't had kids doesn't mean we don't need to document our lives! My friend Amy's friend, Amy, {read it again if you need's confusing} is a very talented photographer, and she's going to do some pictures for our little family {puppies included, of course}. I can't wait!

Here are Amy and Amy {Amy Hough, photographer, on the right} - obviously she didn't take this picture because she's in it, but aren't they pretty? :)

{5}There's this woman named Beth.
Beth Moore, have you heard of her? {I'm kidding, I know I'm like decades behind.} I just discovered her books, and in combination with the Amplified Bible, her books/studies are life changing. Praying out loud? It is so much better than just praying in your head. I'm pretty sure I've never finished a complete sentence inside my head. Anyway, I won't deify her, but I did pray for her the other day and thank the Lord for her and that she followed/is following His calling on her life. If anyone on Beth's ministry team out there googles her {people really do that kind of stuff...} and finds this post, please tell her I said so. Thanks!


This pattern will make it into my home, one way or the other, as will several other lovelies I have found lately. I am even considering DIYing. {Watch out, world. It could get dangerous!}

{3}The Twins Made Their Appearance!
Griffin and Bailey, my cousin's twins, arrived just 10 minutes apart a little over a month ago. They are beautiful and so is their Mama who doesn't even look like she carried one baby in her belly, let alone two! Melanie had some adorable squishy pictures {that's what I call them, anyway - you know because they squish babies into all sorts of forms that look impossible} taken of the babies, but I don't want to mess with copyright business, so I'll have to wait to share.

{2} 31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way
This little book{let} is a genius combination of Biblical principles and practical ideas for keeping a clean, cozy and peaceful, albeit imperfect, home. I have to modify it because I am not home everyday, but it is as useful as all get out. And it is five bucks for the PDF. Spring for it ;).

{1} This bad boy is getting a makeover!
No, not me {although that wouldn't be a bad idea...}. This blog! It is coming soon, courtesy of Danielle Moss takin' it up a notch. I'm already super impressed with her {she's so nice, too!}, and she hasn't even gotten all my information yet. This blog is going legit'.

See you next Tuesday! {at the latest ;)}