Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, Monday

This weekend I worked out of town filling in for some pharmacists who were on vacation. Do you know what that means? One glorious Monday off. Even better - the first Monday of the month off {it's a notoriously hectic day behind the pharmacy counter ... I know you were dying to know}

I love having a day off to recoup, unpack, wash clothes, etc. But after almost every step I take, I turn around to find these two small, furry shadows following. :)

They're really cute and really sweet, though, so I don't mind. Plus we were away from them for three days, so they need a little extra love and attention, even if it means I'm slightly less productive today...

Speaking of being away for three days, staying in a hotel always brings me back to my love of all white linens. I still haven't decided how to re-redo our bedroom, but no matter how many different looks I see or consider, white on white on white on white is always my favorite.

I mean, really, doesn't this make you want to dive in and take a snooze or snuggle back in bed with a cup of coffee watching The Today Show {or reading a book for those of you who do that sort of thing...}?


So since I can't seem to find anything I like better, I am seriously considering going for it. My only dilemma is that I don't want it look boring or cold. I want it to be cozy and inviting. And I want to like it for longer than 3 days.

Oh, and I'm also dead-set on having an upholstered headboard. We have one now, and there is no going back. {You know when you lean back thinking that your pillow is propped up, but it isn't, so you knock your noggin really hard against the headboard? Doesn't matter. Your headboard is a pillow on it's own, so you don't go to bed with a headache.}

This is one of my favorite headboards from Ballard Design because you can order it in any fabric you can find. {And I recently noticed that Southern Living comes with a 15% off coupon from BD, so that's a plus!}


But having an upholstered headboard brings up the question of color yet again. Would a white headboard and bedding be too much or perfectly crisp and clean? Would a big contrast between headboard and bedding be best, or maybe a subtle tone-on-tone?

I just want to make it clear that I realize this decision should not be this difficult. But it just is. I will make no excuses, and I will gladly consider any suggestions :)


Elizabeth Cheek said...

I LOVE white linens. the only thing I love more is white towels. I've had ours for 8 years and it still looks great!!!!!e

Sincerely Yours Paper inc. said...

After I birthed and raised 3 children through toddler-hood and had "practical" bedding, I finally took the plunge and went all white last year. It's DREAMY! I have Shabby Chic linens from Target with the soft ruffly edges. A chunky but light "sweater" summer blanket. A long pooling ruffly skirt. And the Pottery Barn ruched euros and duvet. I think the way to do white on white on white on white is texture. Vary the textures for depth and it'll make you want to meet Matt Lauer there every morning...I mean, read your bible with a mocha.