Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, Danny boy!

I have been a Daddy's girl since the day I was born. No apologies ;)

He is second only to my husband in humanly influence on my life. He has never pretended to be perfect, but I have never seen him waiver in his faith and commitment to Christ. He is the most Godly man I know, and I am beyond thankful that I have been blessed to be his daughter. that I've got him choked up, let's get to the good stuff ;)

He's a bit of a pyro {accidentally only, of course} He's started so many pasture fires that as a gift a couple of years ago, one of his presents was a double-barrel backpack fire extinguisher. I don't think he's had to call 9-1-1 since then, but I'm not positive on that one...

I have never seen him in real life without at least a mustache. He grew the mustache when my oldest brother was born and the rest of the beard when I graduated high school.

Almost every morning, he does push-ups and crunches on his bathroom floor, and chin-ups on the pull-up bar he installed over the toilet. My mom might shoot me for posting that they have a pull-up bar in their bathroom...

He always taught me {or tried to teach me} to be self-sufficient. He insisted that I take a self-defense course, so I took tae kwon doe one month during my senior year of high school. If I am attacked from a very specific direction, and I land in a very specific position, and my attacker is wearing a collared shirt, I will have them passed out in under 5 seconds ;).

He never just gives a gift, he always makes it a fun and exciting process. He hides gifts in things, sends you on scavenger hunts, tricks you into thinking you're getting something else, or just straight up surprises you out of nowhere, and it is always so much fun.

He's not judgmental of people unless they do not use there/their/they're, your/you're, etc properly. It gets under his skin for some reason, and it is SO funny.

He is a human disposal. He eats and eats and eats, but you'd never know it to look at him. Whenever I would invite a new friend over, I would always warn them that if they left any food on their plate, he would more than likely finish it for them. After their first visit, they usually came to expect it.

I love following in his professional footsteps. It's fun to compare then and now, and to talk about things we've experienced. If you want to hear a nerdy conversation, you can generally sit in on one of ours and get your fix.

He will do anything he can to help another person. One time I heard our preacher tell my dad, "I am so tired of people saying that Danny Ponder is their little angel..." I loved it! {Don't worry, they're good friends :)}

Not one time in my entire life has he ever told me there was something I wasn't capable of doing.

I love him like crazy, and I hope he has a fabulous Father's Day!

~Check back later this week to hear all about my father-in-law... You won't be sorry you did!

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