Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the space between

You have no idea what confusion one little space can cause. My name is Beth Ann. Beth is my first name and Ann is my middle name, but I go by both of them. Together. But two words.

I hope this doesn't mean I am supposed to be twice the pharmacist ;) {Don't worry, one BethspaceAnn name tag is on its way}

The double-name issue has followed me my whole life {I know, there are worse issues to have, but I'm probably not gonna post about the sixty-seven awkard phases I went through any time soon, so I'll just stick to my name ;)}.

It's pretty comical now all the confusion that arises from being called by two separately-worded names, but when I was younger I had a tendency to make a bit of a stink when people got my name wrong. If anyone had to ask more than once how to spell my name, I blurted out It's Beth.Ann. Two words, no "e," as if it should be committed to memory. Bratty, I know. {I still have to use that definition every now and again, but I do so with a much more gracious tone.}

A lot of times, a person will remember that I have two names, but they're just not quite sure which two names. Mary Beth, Sarah Beth, Jane Ann, Mary Ann...the possibilities are endless, and I generally answer to any combination that is at least half right ;).

Oh, and just as a side note, "Beth Ann" sounds remarkably similar to "but then," which is a surprisingly common phrase. When I say "huh?" to people as if I'm nosy and want to know everything they say {in all honesty, I do hate to be left out...}, it might just be because I thought they said my name when they were actually transitioning from one part of a story to the next.

Speaking of transitions... I don't think I've done too well with those on this post, so I'll call it a night. You now know more than you ever knew there was to know about living life with a space between two names :)


Jennifer said...

This made me laugh!!!

It also makes me think of the time that Facebook started calling you Beth for no reason! Ha!

Before we decided on the name Jillian, we talked about naming her Anna Beth. After reading this I am thinking she would have had the same drama all her life. :)

And.....I finally email you back.

Melissa said...

What I like is the word "Pharmacist" under the name...congrats!! I moved back to MH last August and have been going to your mom's Bible study since January, so I heard that you were making the transition from student to pharmacist. Glad to see you are doing so well too!

The Seattle said...

Haha -- that's great!! The twice the pharmacist comment was a good one! I love a solid double name.

The Bells said...

Love it! Maybe I'll borrow your "Beth" nametag on days that I'm feeling like a super pharmacist and I'll be Sarah Beth. :) Come work with me again! I miss you!