Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I read a long time ago that it's not cool when you acknowledge that it's been a long time since you've posted on your blog, but who am I kidding? Cool has never been my gig. ;) There are no monumental reasons for my absence {other than I have some sort of mental block when it comes to remembering to bring my camera to events I want to document ... maybe my New Year's Resolution?}, so I am going to do a few mini post(s) in this one to make up for lost time. To create some sort of flow, they are in a kind of holiday-themed order. It's a stretch, but I'm going with it.

Have you given thanks lately that facebook, blogs, etc didn't exist when you were a teenager? I sure have. Kids these days just post any and everything. {Since when am I old enough to say "kids these days?" Sheesh.} Aside from the fact that it can be dangerous, it is embarassing. Like whoa.

For instance, there would be way too many photos of my I love overalls because they are both comfy and cute phase, among a few other phases I don't care for the world to see, but that's not even the worst of it. I don't know about you, but as a youngster I knew everything about everything. I had my life figured out, and I would have undoubtedly taken the opportunity to help anyone else figure out his or hers as well. Yikes.


*Puppies' Traumatic Christmas*
Or I guess I should say our traumatic Christmas because of our puppies.

We love our dogs. We don't dress them up or have birthday parties for them, but other than that they are 100% part of our family. Well on Christmas Day we lost lady for about 15 or 20 minutes {or 10 years...I'm not sure}, and it was hooorrrrible. We ended up finding her hiding mischieviously in my in-law's laundry room, but not before the following occurred:

-I ran creepily through their neighbors' backyards holding Rose {because no one else could be trusted with her, of course} in a towel to keep her warm and yelling Laaaaady through my freezing tears
-Josh jumped a fence to see if Lady was on the other side, and his sister thought he was stuck
-My sister- and brother-in-law drove the entire neighborhood at 5 mph, and ignited a chorus of the barks of every dog but Lady
-My father-in-law considered driving to some mean people's house to accuse them of stealing our dog....good thing we found her before this one went down. hahaha

And if all that wasn't enough, when we got home and got ready to head to MH, Rosie {who is not quite 4lbs} swallowed enough benadryl for a couple of grown men and we spent another two hours at the emergency vet. That's right, an ER for your pets. I still haven't completely recovered.

Oh, but no rest for the weary. Christmas night at my parents house, literally everyone was there. That means 13 people and 3 dogs under one roof. It also meant that Josh and I shared a room with one of my brothers. Snores galore. I got super confused going back and forth between kicking my husband and yelling across the room at my brother. I kept hearing "it's not me" from both of them. Well it has to be one of you. At one point, my brother actually yelled at me for being such a light sleeper. Oh, no sir. Santa's bringing you Breathe Right next year.


*No {New Year's} peas, please!*
I hate peas of any sort...black eyed {the ones you eat on New Year's Day for good luck...that's the connection}, purple hull, green, snow...doesn't matter. I have never in my life enjoyed one bite. The other day when I had the TV on while I was doing laundry, I saw a small feature on this man who had been diagnosed with lung cancer that his doctors couldn't completely confirm what type or how to treat it. {Confession: It was the Rachael Ray show. I don't like when she says cheesy stuff like EVOO and easy peezy, but she has interesting guests sometimes.} Anyways, turns out the guy didn't have cancer of any sort. He had actually aspirated part of a pea during his dinner one night. It lodged in his lung, germinated, and sprouted. A pea plant. In his lung. Well, that settles it. No peas for me.


See there? I'm all caught up now. That was easy :)