Friday, September 17, 2010

Living Room and room to live

**Update: a picture and a question!**

This week Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life is featuring livings rooms. I did a post a few months ago {technically all my posts have been, at most, a few months ago ;)} of the before and after of our living room - click HERE to see it, or click HERE to see all the posts on our Home Sweet Home so far!

Here is one AFTER picture so I comply with all the Show Us Your Life rules :)

And my question is.... are sectionals in? .... because I really want one.... they are so very comfortable.... maybe I don't even care if they're in or not....

Speaking of living rooms...and the rest of our house... for a few days J and I considered renting ours out and starting on a new home project. We actually considered it all the way to the drive to make an offer, but decided at the last minute that neither of us had a peace about it.

And can I get a collective *Whew*

I honestly don't know what we were thinking. Well, I kind of do - it would be closer to my work and to one of my brothers and it was a super fun neighborhood and a seemingly good deal. But the buck stops there. That seemingly bit could have been a corker once we really started remodeling and we would have had to become landlords on top of all the responsibilities of our currently the busiest they have ever been schedules and our nights/weekends/alltimeoff would be consumed with fixing it up so we wouldn't be living in a construction zone again and I could hardly breathe when I thought about the hideous kitchen.

There I go with run-on sentences again. I just feel like they have so much more impact, and they more adequately reflect the chaos that's going on inside my head. ;)

Upside: Ever since we drove away without offering to take on the madness, I have walked around my home appreciating every. little. detail. Thank you, Lord, for protecting us from ourselves and showing us how a level floor and a dishwasher can be such significant blessings!



Katherine Grant said...

Your house is so cute! I love the kitchen remodel! We are wanting to ours sometime soon, I hope it turns out as cute as yours.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your living room! The color is awesome!

We have a sectional and we love it! We bought it right before we got married and it was one of the best purhases we made because we can both lay on the couch together. We each have our side and we don't have to fight over the couch! Ha!

~MeLiSsA~ said...

Go for the sectional! I want another one now... had one, then got a couch and love seat and now want my sectional back! :)

And I love the color on your walls... and what a gorgeous wedding dress!

Lindsey said...

i LOVE the color of the grey living room. I'm all about grey right now.

I just purchased a sectional and its being delivered next week - I can't wait. I'm hoping I love it as much as everyone else is encouraging you to get one!

Sincerely Yours Paper inc. said...

I like to occasionally rearrange my living room setup, which is sometimes necessary when you plop a Christmas tree in the room. And a sectional doesn't allow for any variation of your living room layout. If you purchase it for one particular wall, there it will stay. If you rarely move a piece of furniture, then you're golden. If you like a little swap-a-roo, then avoid a sectional. ALSO, people with sectionals sometimes struggle with lighting, because you don't have placement for lamps except on the far extreme ends (not in the center crook, where people hope to snuggle in and read). LOVE the way they look! Just have some practical obstacles that I've seen friends unable to hurdle.