Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This morning on...

I love The Today Show. Matt, Meredith, Al, and Ann - the whole gang! Yes, they are good journalists, share interesting and useful information, etc. But really I just love their dynamics. I tear up at the end of every year when they show all the funny clips and bloopers. Embarassing. I even like Kathie Lee and Hota on the fourth hour when I get to watch them. Secretly {until now ;)} I really wish they needed a correspondent pharmacist. They haven't called me, though... yet.

Yesterday morning on Today, they did a piece on the new definition of masculinity. I was skeptical of what it might entail, but I have to say that not only were they spot on, they made me super extra appreciate my husband.

Cue the bragging ;)

Do you remember when a whole bunch of people posted their "25 random things about me?" Number 1 on my list was:
I really honestly think that my husband is the best one there is. I know a lot of women think that, but they're all mistaken.

And I stand firm in that statement. No offense - I'm sure lots of you have fabulous husbands. ;)

I always tell J that I couldn't have ordered a better husband if I tried - that reads wierd in written word, but you get my drift. I love him like crazy.

The thing is, it is by NO means because either of us is perfect, or because we have a perfect relationship. {Not that you thought that...I just don't want you to think I think that :)}. One of my best friends asked me a few weeks ago if Josh and I ever fight. hahahaha. Yes. I prefer to call them intense discussions, but yes. Don't be expecting a post on those - there's a reason he refers to my red-headed personality as spicy.

I digress.

Josh is my partner. Die hard. And I am his. He is the head of our household, and I will always respect the Biblical responsibility he carries. But he is never a dictator over me, never pushes me too far, never leverages that I am to do as he says. He knows that I will but doesn't take advantage of it.

We share responsiblity outside of the home, and so we share responsibility inside the home. This weekend while I had to work, he did laundry, cleaned the floors, mowed the lawn, and installed a doggy door. I could have cried. {But I didn't, thank you very much.}

In other words, he embodies the new definition of masculine. Every bit as strong, protective, and providing as ever, but so much more secure, thoughtful, patient, and helpful.

Today, he will be at work, and I will do household chores. The more I think about it, though, the less they seem like chores and the more I think of them as thank you gifts.

{Except for getting clothes out of the dryer...it's really hot and makes me sweat, so it still classifies as a chore}

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