Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Corner Office and a Foxy Mama

Am I too young and not yet accomplished enough to have achieved the ultimate corner office? Yes. But titling this post Office in a Corner just didn't have the same ring. ;)

We had a wasted corner in our kitchen for a very long time. It was super clutter-y and cord-y {I know those aren't real words, but they are self-explanatory}, and it drove me nuts. We had also been using one of our spare bedrooms as an office while we were both in school, but we hardly needed that much space for an office after we both graduated. So in my efforts to spruce up our home in the way you would eat an elephant {one bite at a time}, I decided to tackle this little space to make it more functional and enjoyable and pleasant to my picky eyes.


You see what I mean? A mess. I am ashamed that I let it look like that for so long, but kind of proud for not cleaning it up for the before picture. I'm working on authenticity... keepin' it real. I think it makes my blood pressure go up a little bit, though.

AFTER: {I used a different camera that I clearly have no clue how to work}

This picture is from a different angle, and I took it on food mode to stop the glare. Evidently people like their food to have a yellow tint, because it also added a shade of sunshine to the picture that was not in my kitchen.

Lack of photography skills aside, you get the drift. It displays family photos, adds a place for me to organize mail and pay bills, and hides my computer and what-not in the desk drawer {of the desk that I put together with my own two hands because I am stubborn and inpatient... and handy ;)}


And on to Part 2 of this post.

This is a close-up of one of the pictures hanging in the kitchen collage, two baby foxes. I found it on google. It is, in fact, not as random as it may appear. {Although my sweet husband didn't say a word about how crazy he must have thought I was before he realized the reasoning behind the reference.} This little spot is reserved for two baby Foxes that are currently residing below :)

Meet Melanie Fox!

She is my first cousin, and the closest thing I had to a sister growing up. She is precious to me, and so are the TWINS {one boy: Griffin, one girl: Bailey} she is expecting. She is very emotional {even when she isn't with child}, and she has so mastered shedding tears that she does it with a smile and not even the slightest smudge of mascara. I showed her the fox picture I had hung a while back, and I was almost disappointed I didn't get a tear - if that tells you anything ;)

She has been ready for motherhood since ... forever, and she will be a phenomenal one. Take that back. She is a phenomenal one. She is currently on bedrest, has been for a couple of weeks now since an early labor scare, and will be for {hopefully} several more. Please say a prayer for this little Fox family, that she will be able to carry her babies to full term and deliver healthy little ones when it is their time.


I stole the picture of her from her blog, and I didn't ask her permission, but I think she looks beautiful, so I'm hoping she won't mind! {Easier to ask for forgiveness in this case :)}