Thursday, July 29, 2010


I would say grown up, but I don't think I've grown vertically since like the sixth or seventh grade. However, in the last few weeks I am quite certain I have been launched into full fledged grown up-ville. And you know what? It's not all bad. It's busy and challenging, mind you, but I'm getting in the groove. Or at least I think I am, and I would prefer that no one tell me otherwise ;).

Aside from the whole responsibility part of being an adult, I had a fun big girl activity {that I hated as a child... that's how I know I'm maturing} - my first auction as an actual bidder.

My mom used to drag me to auctions all the time when I was a wee one, and I thought they were miserable. They smelled musty and were undoubtedly filled with things like ceramic dolls with cracked faces and pictures of little children who didn't smile and beds I knew old people were sleeping on when they died. Creepy. I was not interested.

A few weeks ago I was equally uninterested in going to an estate auction when we were visiting the fam in Mountain Home. I'm pretty sure I even pouted as we were walking in, but Josh considers himself a city boy and felt this was a small town experience he needed. He stopped by the front desk and signed us in.

Well, put an auction card in my hand, and suddenly I come alive. Who knew?

I spotted my target quickly, and I was prepared to fight for it. Turns out, I am not to be messed with on the auction floor. {Evidently I get that from my mother. She's been to so many auctions that she doesn't even use a card. Tommy, the auctioneer, just looks at her, and she nods and blinks as a bid or just barely shakes her head no as a sign she'll pass.}

Back to my purchase. I was glad that people were bidding against me because it made the process more exciting. Then when the other bidders backed down, it was as if I had been on a hunt and made a kill. I know that sounds dramatic, but I don't hunt or kill so I'm just guessing.

Now, check out this fabulous antique desk chair! And the bottom line? $24.50, thank you very much.

It swivels and reclines, it has the booty-shaped seat for added comfort, and it oozes character from years spent in front of an architect's desk.

Compare it to the Pottery Barn chair below, which would have set me back a whopping $399!


Way more money and way less charm.


And just as a side note: I'm pretty sure no one died in the chair, so I feel very comfortable having it in my home :)

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sarah thane said...

So glad you finally posted again! I always enjoy reading your updates! Glad you are adjusting well to the life of a "grown-up." I wish I could see Nell at an auction. I can only imagine :) Sounds like all is well with you! Love and miss you dear friend!