Thursday, October 14, 2010


Busy, busy, busy. You too? Well, burst my bubble.

Just when I'm feeling like I must most certainly be the busiest person in the country, if not the hemisphere, I find someone who is busier. But I really don't want to hear that because I would prefer to be dramatic about how busy I am.

I came home the other day, feeling like I had worked especially super duper hard, and I got about two words into my pity party before J interrupted me with a story of some man he had met that morning who starts his day at 4am with job #1 and moves straight to job#2, ending his day hardly before the next begins. Dang it. I guess I'll make it.

One contributing factor to my survival right now is that our pharmacy never opens earlier than 9am. I cannot tell you what beautiful time occurs between 7:45 and 8:45 in the morning. We're talking a precious 59 minutes that mean I might actually feed my husband, my dogs, and myself before I'm in the car. And if I'm up especially early, I might even get on the treadmill. That we bought. That's in our bedroom.

Yikes! Are you judging me yet? Fair enough if you are.

So far, no clothes have been found hanging on the treadmill. I refuse. I hope I continue to refuse... because I'm already pushing a cliche with exercise equipment in the bedroom where I lay my aerobically challenged body down to sleep. But I needed a stress release that isn't dependent on the weather, and at least for right now we are really using it. I haven't lost an ounce, mind you, but maybe I'm staying more sane than I would if we hadn't made the plunge {and bribed my brother with chocolate chip cookies to come help us put it together :)}

Another release?


The Pottery Barn holiday decor for this year! Busy schmizzy. I will simply look through the PB Holiday magazine while walking briskly in place and be just fine. And then I can buy remarkably similar items from Target, save some money, and be even better.

Do you like how I just advertised for my employer? I wasn't even trying. If I was trying I would tell you to go to your local Target Pharmacy asap and get your flu shot {no appointment necessary}. But I'm not trying. I'm far too busy being busy ;)

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

haha you are hilarious! love the post and the holiday decor pic!!