Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who's that Lady...

She's a precious little/big Yorkie puppy who seriously rocked this Davenport world about six months ago. She's also the best impulse buy E.V.E.R.

See, Josh and I are not planners. We're talkers and we're doers, but we skip the in between part that makes everything flow seemlessly. We talked about getting a dog pretty much every Sunday for a long time. Especially sunny Sundays. Doesn't a sunny Sunday make everyone want a dog?

Turns out, sunny Saturdays will do the trick as well. We were in Mountain Home for the weekend. It was oddly warm for November...around 70 degrees. The sun was shining, and the birds were chirping, and Arby's sounded really good to me.

Josh and I were riding with my mom {she's fabulous, we'll talk more about her later}. As we were pulling into Arby's, she noticed puppies for sale in the adjacent parking lot. We were just going to go see them for fun...
I picked up a little female with a tiny pink bow in her hair. She immediately climbed onto my shoulders and nuzzled. Ohhhh shoot.

"Can we keep her, Joshie?" {The term "Joshie" can be very strategically placed when necessary.}

I handed her to Josh, and she nibbled on his ear.


"Really - like really, seriously?!?" I wasn't expecting him to just give in like that. I freaked out for a second. Are we really gonna be responsible for another living creature? I mean this is a big step. What if we can't handle it? What if she pees everywhere? {Ha! She totally did.} What if we hurt her? I think dogs might be expensive {right again...}. Holy smokes!

By now she was curled up on his shoulders {shoulders are her thing, I guess} as if she knew exactly she was doing. Not more than 30 seconds later, another man asked the seller if he could see the little girl puppy.

"I... think she's taken." Josh was hooked. She was ours.

Now that tiny little 2 pound furball is a whopping 8 pounds and counting. Her parents were 4 and 5 pounds. Sometimes I wonder if its God's way of preparing us to have an abnormally tall child since we are both...shorties. I'm 5'1'' {and a quarter if we're gonna get particular}, and Josh is 5'7," so one would assume our children probably won't play post for the NBA, but you never know!
I digress...

Lady, or "LuLu" as we often call her, is now pretty much like a child to us. I can't believe I'm saying that. I am admitting publicly my hypocrisy about dogs. I never thought I'd plan my weekend around a pet, let alone CRY the first time I had to leave her! Sheesh. I'm a convert.

I'm not sure if she supports my blogging, though ;)

Here's exciting news - We've decided that it's time for her to have a friend! While we walk her everyday AND play with her in the mornings and evenings and all weekend long AND let her sleep with us, Josh and I both work full time. {Sort of...I don't get paid...but regardless, I am gone 40 hours/week.} Anyways, I didn't know this, but my neighbor explained that because dogs are pack animals, spending all day alone can lead to less full and even shorter lives. Well, none of that for our puppy... She'll have a sibling by this weekend, and we are super excited!!


Emily said...

I have a Great Dane you guys can have! She'd be a great sibling for Lady. And you can have her for the low, low price of FREE. Okay... if you're really good at bargaining I'd probably pay YOU to take her.

No? Shucks. Patrick would throw a fit anyway.

Anonymous said...

Um. You are blogging.
Goodness gracious I'll never get anything done now.

=) Glad you're doing this missy!