Sunday, January 1, 2012


That's right - the changing of the year for most brought an even bigger change in this household. We have finally officially entered the second trimester!

First, I have to say thank you for all the sweet comments on here, facebook, texts, and emails. It means SO much to us!

Now we have lots to talk about, and I don't think there's any chance I can make it into one cohesive story {pregnancy brain...}, so I'm going to share random thoughts and facts about our journey so far and hope you can decipher. :)


We found out we were pregnant about an hour after our sweet, tiny dog Rosie jumped out of Josh's moving truck across a lane of traffic and got run over but miraculously straddled by a small car. She had one scratch on her from the whole ordeal. That's it. We're fairly certain that she was protected by an angel because the Lord knew how messed up we would be if something happened to ruin that day.

We took 8 pregnancy tests. We wanted to be sure. I will never forget reading the word pregnant.

Josh immediately removed every chemical he could find in our house and took me to Target for all natural everything.

I spent that night on google on my iPad. Baby Davenport was the size of a poppy seed, so poppyseed has been his or her nickname ever since.

I thought pregnancy was a piece of cake for the first 3 weeks after we found out. HOWever, the morning of week 6 day 1, I felt quite differently. Turns out I am not one of those I have felt great the whole time pregnant women. I ended up telling my work a week earlier than I had planned because I threw up on myself in my car on my way to work. I've had better moments ;)

Diet Mtn. Dew misses me, but after having given it up I may not be able to take it back after poppyseed arrives. It will have to deal.

I haven't had consistent cravings except for watermelon and Taco Bell. A better way to describe my feelings about food would be that my normal indecisiveness about meals has been replaced with a need for a specific food at a specific time. Example: canadian bacon and pineapple pizza Thanksgiving night.

I have done my best to walk on the treadmill at least three nights a week. I like to record movies and then only watch them on the treadmill bits at a time to give myself more motivation. FYI it is not easy to use good breathing technique when you are crying your way through Soul Surfer.

Speaking of crying, it will also happen if you decide to speak at one of your best friend's rehearsal dinner. I barely made it through a really cheesy reference to an m&m commercial. {It was relevant in my head...}

I feel like there are so many more things to share {like how much people DON'T tell you about pregnancy... it is NUTS}.

But for now, Josh, poppyseed {now a lemon!}, and I have some eating to do :)

Happy New Year to you all! We are looking forward to an EXCITING 2012!!