Saturday, October 8, 2011


Josh and I {and Lady and Rose} finally had our family photos taken by Amy Hough a few weeks ago, and not only do we love the ones we've seen so far, but it was so much fun!

She is like a magician with sunlight! {When my mom saw this picture she said that we must be whispering sweet nothings. Actually, we were talking about what we wanted to have for dinner. For reals.}

This is an honest laugh because it took us several tries to get his arm around my neck in a way that didn't look abusive - haha!

Amy's husband, Jeff {a peach of a fellow}, worked with her the whole time. I love good teamwork! He happens to know how to make these wierd noises that got the dogs' attention. Trust me, if he can manage to get Lady and Rose to look straight at the camera at the same time, getting children to pose must be cake.

Josh and I even managed to respond to the noises on occasion ;).

Okay, enough about us. {She took a bagillion pictures, but I just posted a few so it's not too awkward, ok? ;)} Go to Amy's website and see her work for yourself. She loves taking pictures, and she made us feel like we were just hanging out and she happened to have a camera. {We hang out on cool antique couches in the middle of open fields all the time ;)}. In case I haven't made myself clear, I highly recommend her!

Have a great weekend!