Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introducing... Rose!

Isn't she just the cutest!?!

I mean...equally as cute as Lady :)
{we're working very hard to make sure somebody doesn't get jealous}.

We went up to Mountain Home last weekend to spend some time with my side of the family, watch my little brothers-from-another-mother play soccer, and get a puppy. Check, check, and check!

Last week we had called the people who sold {I know that sounds so impersonal, but there's just really no other way to say it} Lady to us, and they agreed to drive their puppies over from Harrison and let us find the perfect puppy #2. We already had a name picked out for her {courtesy of my new friend, Sarah}, so we just needed to find little Rose. And darn it- if they didn't have that itsy bitsy pink bow in her hair...

Tricky McTrickerson, the breeder, totally failed to mention that his price had gone up significantly {"since the economy has picked up a bit"} until after he had already let us cuddle and coo and goo over the puppy he and his wife thought would be just perfect {with the bow} for us... Then he gave us some sort of backwards discount for being repeat customers to make us think we were getting a deal even though she was still more expensive.

Hey mister, you may think we're dummies. We're not. We would have paid the whole price, but we did not. Ha. Who's the dummy, now? ;)


The Bells said...

She is sooo stinking cute! And of course I love the name :). I need to bring Zane over to love on her....and Lady, too! Hope she's not getting you up in the night too much, although it is great practice for little ones of the human-type ;)

Jennifer said...

Brody loves her! He is sitting in my lap yelling, "doggy!" at the computer screen!

Melissa said...

Oh my..that is one of the cutest little creatures I've ever seen! I would have loved to run into her on my jog..haha! Such a cutie