Monday, May 17, 2010

We Share

We share important dates, my eldest brother {Ben Ponder} and I. You see, he shared his birthday for my wedding day almost three years ago, and tomorrow I'll share my birthday with him for his election.

Now, before you turn and run from a post about olitics-pay, please give me five minutes of your time {or like eight minutes if you're a slow reader like me ;)}.

Ben is different. He is not looking for a career in politics or power or money. His inspiration comes from a true calling beyond any earthly desire, it is best described as "progeny politics," and it is defined by the following quote from Thomas Paine {the focus of Ben's 900 page dissertation for his PhD in Early American Political Discourse from Northwestern University - I told you he is different}:

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace."

His four precious children {and your children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews and my future children and the kids down the street, the ones in diapers and the ones learning their ABC's and the ones reading To Kill a Mockingbird ...the children without a current voice} are the reason that Ben has given up so much to run for US Congress in Arkansas District 1.

If you want to know more about Ben, I encourage you to read his announcement speech and his biography. I promise if nothing else you will learn about an incredibly interesting person today, and I would even venture to say you will be inspired.

If you live in Arkansas' First District, please request a democratic ballot during the primary election tomorrow and cast a vote for Ben Ponder. Anyone who is willing, please contact as many people in the district as you possibly can to ask them to do the same. And if you don't know a soul in Arkansas, please pray for Ben.

I will leave you with one final thought. Will you look back on this day and time, and wish that you had done something to affect the direction of our collective futures? Now is your chance.


Emily said...

Weird. My brother's birthday is on my anniversary too!

Oh yeah, and GO BEN! :)

Ashley Fisher :) said...

cute blog!! :)