Friday, April 23, 2010

Show us your life - How you met your husband

You know that phrase, "You never get a second chance at a first impression?" Unfortunately, it's true. BUT you can make up for bad ones. Trust me...I am, shall we say, naturally sarcastic. I've needed a lot of do-overs in my day, and there was no exception with my husband.

We were both at Ouachita for a solid year before we ever spoke, but it wasn't on purpose {or at least not on my end}. I knew who he was because a) it is Ouachita, and b) his roommates were good friends of mine. I had no idea that those friends were trying to set us up, even though several of them asked me what I thought about him.

I thought he was a really cute guy who seemed nice. I loved his smile. And I had heard that he was really funny. That's important.

One night we were both at a "function," and one of those friends asked me to take a picture of several people, including Josh. I said sure {because I'm nice and not hideous}. They scrunched together to pose for the picture, and Josh said something that I couldn't hear. So, knowing that he's a funny guy because I had heard that from everybody and their dog, I said,

"I don't know what you said, but I'm sure it was really funny."

I meant exactly what I said, and I thought it was a valid statement. He didn't take it quite so literally. Rather, he inferred a hefty portion of sarcasm that kept him from asking me out for another month after that.

Our first date {that I refuse to call a real date because he just asked me to "grab a bite to eat"} was at The Hamburger Barn. He wore socks and sandals.

He also opened every door, still does. He told me I was pretty. He had elaborate stories about his highschool friends dragging port-a-potties onto the interstate -- he really was as funny as I had heard. He ignored how odd it was that I ordered a side salad with very specific requests and then didn't touch it. He made a mental note when I said 100 Grand Bars were my favorite candy and brought them to me the next week when I was studying. He smiled that smile I'd liked before I knew him...

He quickly became my favorite person in the world.

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Joyce said...

Cute story : ) You told it well...welcome to blogging!