Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebrating Forty Years

Last month, my parents celebrated their FORTIETH wedding anniversary! Isn't that so crazy? They must have gotten married at age five, right? ;)

We tend to drag out celebrations in our family- makes it so much better! We're having a BIG family photo session... soon {it's hard to get all thirteen of us together and photo ready} as their present from all of us, BUT we try to turn every little thing into a special anniversary little thing.

coffee in the morning - special happy anniversary coffee
ham sandwich for lunch? fortieth annivary edition ham sandwich
going to buy flowers for the front porch... you guessed it!
AND, we had a small family dinner to celebrate a few weekends ago in Mountain Home, so we made it a "40" theme...

"40" salad

"40" hashbrown casserole -
let it melt a wee bit too long, but it was a good thought

"40" peach cobbler -I made this! pick your jaw up off the floor - mama Nell instructed every move ;)

Delicious and sentimental.

And in all seriousness - they are the best parents / in-laws / grandparents in the whole world, and everyday should be a celebration of them!

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Lindsey said...

love the "40" idea, that's too cute and sweet!