Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Right on Target.

God's timing that is. And quite literally.

As of today, I finally have a job as a Target Pharmacist! I could not be more excited, relieved and THANKFUL.

When I started pharmacy school four years ago, I had a very specific scenario in mind. I would work my tail off for four years {accurate}, and then someone would hand me the perfect job on a silver platter as my reward {not so much}.

Clearly my plans were not quite in line with the Lord's, but His plans are always better. Every time. Never fails. You get the drift...

Because I had to wait, and because I had to work really, REALLY hard to prove myself, I have an appreciation and excitement for the career I am beginning that I would not/could not have had otherwise. I also interviewed {lots of interviews!} with several people that I might not have even had the opportunity to meet if I had gotten hired earlier.

And I am especially thankful to this little bunch who made April a fabulous month and dropped LOTS of hints to the higher-ups for me ;)

All this to say, I am so grateful that my life is in capable Hands. So...on this next to last day of the last week of my last rotation, I actually have a J.O.B. That sounds sooooo good :)

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The Bells said...

I agree, that does sound good! So glad that I can look forward to working with you in the future!