Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten: DIY Projects

{I may or may not complete... in a lifetime ;)}

In my very first post, I admitted to my lack of skill in all things domestic. I wasn't completely forthcoming about the topic, so I'm going to get this off my chest. You see, I wasn't born un-domestic. Quite the opposite, in fact.

-I sewed my first pillow at the age of three. Hand stitched.
-By kindergarten, I had patched together a quilt. {I went to a sewing group with both of my babysitters. I was the only one under the age of 75.}
-My sweet, {seemingly} understanding brothers received personally puff painted sweatshirts as birthday presents in their teen years. Football themed for my oldest brother and a trumpet {with musical notes} for my middle brother. Sparkle was involved.
-You should have seen the Valentine's Day mailbox my mom and I made for my second grade class contest. It won first place. Ithink it's still in the storage room. {sheesh.}
-I learned to crochet before I was a 'tween.
-I decorated cakes through most of my middle school years. One lady actually paid me. {She most definitely should not have done so.} I even learned how to sugar-ize {?} edible flowers for pizazz.
-There was a needle-point phase during some part of my adolescence, but I can't remember where it fits in the timeline.
-I baked {edible goods} from scratch.

As I grew older, though, something happened. I don't know when exactly, but at some point I turned into the girl who forgets to drain the macaroni before she adds the cheese and can't manage to sew on a button to save her life.

So in my dream world, I am going to rekindle the craftiness of my youth and ... make something. Like crafty people do. And if I can't, I'm going to fake it {because this is the internet...who's gonna know, right? :)}. I'm totally kidding. I won't do that.

Top Ten DIY Projects:
{Sources/Credits linked below each picture}

{10}Painted Wallpaper
I am not hardcore enough to do an entire room, but an accent wall is a maybe.

{9}Upholstered Headboard
Full disclosure: this ain't happ'nin'. But it is an impressive undertaking and deserved a mention. The shape and the nailheads are just lovely.

I love silhouettes. I think they are one of the coolest and most timeless accessories, and I want to silhouette every single person I know and love.

{7}Book Page Wreath
I saw a project similar to this one a long time ago done with sheet music, and it was really fabulous. For a minute I thought that pages from the Bible would be neat, but I'm not about to tear one up. That would be a poor decision.

{6}Mini Polaroid Magnets
Stop It. I'm such a sucker for anything miniature.

via my high school friend Emily {The Pilot's Wife} via ambrosiagirl on Pinterest

{5}Monogram Block Letter
I think I would like it better with just the letters or maybe the letters and the date. I feel like I could actually pull this one off.

{4}Napkin Snowball
Napkins? Got 'em. Christmas decoration? Yes, please. It will be so thriftily beautiful.

{3}No Sew Roman Shade
I need this in a modern gray and white fabric hanging over the window in the kitchen. Need is a stretch- want is more accurate.

{2}Painted Furniture
If I ever get my hands on some spray paint, watch out. I am ready to paint some furniture. And you know what?...I probably won't sand it first. It could be disasterous. Or it could be fabulous.

Live the Home Life {an Arkansas girl...I love that!}

{1}Organized Pantry Makeover
It's awe-inspiring. I don't feel like words can do it justice. Just click the link below and discover for yourself.

I'll let you know if any DIY dream turns into reality...even if it bites ;)

Have a great week!


Leslie said...

I'm going to be really non -specific, but I think you could Google and find instructions. My daughter's teacher made Mother's Day silhouettes with her camera and they are amazing - no cutting required. Apparently the students stood on a desk (which my daughter loved) in front of a screen. She used some special setting on her camera and made a picture of the screen - maybe a light reflected their image on the screen? See how non-specific I am? Anyway, she took the picture and printed it directly on a piece of colored cardstock. Their image was completely black on the colored cardstock. I love that it captured every angle, every hair of my daughter's profile. If her teacher has a link to instructions, I'll come back and post them because it was a nice, easy project.

Cara @ Live the Home Life said...

Thank you for including my red dresser rehab in your Top Ten DIYs! Ironically it was the very first rehab to appear on my blog and it is still picked time after time as a favorite by my readers. Thanks again for such an honor. Me (and my dresser) are thrilled!


The Doose's said...

Beth Ann - Cara is one of my best friends, and Realtor! She frequents your Target...keep on the look out for her, she is boatloads of fun! Also, she and I were talking about that wallpapered pantry - we have plans to mimick it pronto!