Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten

I have posted 3 times in all of 2011. Three. Who knows what chronicles I won't remember because I didn't ... well, chronicle them.

Cue Tuesday's Top Ten. I'm doing it. Every tuesday {or at least most Tuesdays ;)}. And I am starting today with:

The Top Ten Things I Haven't Blogged About
{note: Mom, I know that the grammatically correct title is The Top Ten Things About Which I Have Not Blogged, but that sounds snooty, and I just can't do it. ;)}

{10} I got a new job!
Don't get me wrong- I loved my old job, but an opportunity came up that allows waaaaay more balance in my life, and I am so incredibly excited and thankful!

{9} I discovered Pinterest.
Whoa. It is both fabulous and addicting, and I really like getting emails from "Ben and the Pinterest team!" I feel like they are really nice, and I would like to get to know them.

{8}Engagement Central!
Two of my best friends from college and one of my technicians at work have all gotten engaged in the last few weeks. Sooooooo exciting!!! They are all precious girls, and I am so excited about all the festivities to come.

{7}Garage {Yard} Sale
We are having one. We are purging. Out with the old, and in with some cash...50 cents at a time :). Our office is currently a storage room which would be fine if we lived in a huge house with lots of rooms, but we live in a small house, and we need that room. So we are selling the junk {treasures} currently residing in it...and our attic...and our storage building. Stay tuned.

{6}Family Photos
I recently realized that just because we haven't had kids doesn't mean we don't need to document our lives! My friend Amy's friend, Amy, {read it again if you need to...it's confusing} is a very talented photographer, and she's going to do some pictures for our little family {puppies included, of course}. I can't wait!

Here are Amy and Amy {Amy Hough, photographer, on the right} - obviously she didn't take this picture because she's in it, but aren't they pretty? :)

{5}There's this woman named Beth.
Beth Moore, have you heard of her? {I'm kidding, I know I'm like decades behind.} I just discovered her books, and in combination with the Amplified Bible, her books/studies are life changing. Praying out loud? It is so much better than just praying in your head. I'm pretty sure I've never finished a complete sentence inside my head. Anyway, I won't deify her, but I did pray for her the other day and thank the Lord for her and that she followed/is following His calling on her life. If anyone on Beth's ministry team out there googles her {people really do that kind of stuff...} and finds this post, please tell her I said so. Thanks!


This pattern will make it into my home, one way or the other, as will several other lovelies I have found lately. I am even considering DIYing. {Watch out, world. It could get dangerous!}

{3}The Twins Made Their Appearance!
Griffin and Bailey, my cousin's twins, arrived just 10 minutes apart a little over a month ago. They are beautiful and so is their Mama who doesn't even look like she carried one baby in her belly, let alone two! Melanie had some adorable squishy pictures {that's what I call them, anyway - you know because they squish babies into all sorts of forms that look impossible} taken of the babies, but I don't want to mess with copyright business, so I'll have to wait to share.

{2} 31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way
This little book{let} is a genius combination of Biblical principles and practical ideas for keeping a clean, cozy and peaceful, albeit imperfect, home. I have to modify it because I am not home everyday, but it is as useful as all get out. And it is five bucks for the PDF. Spring for it ;).

{1} This bad boy is getting a makeover!
No, not me {although that wouldn't be a bad idea...}. This blog! It is coming soon, courtesy of Danielle Moss takin' it up a notch. I'm already super impressed with her {she's so nice, too!}, and she hasn't even gotten all my information yet. This blog is going legit'.

See you next Tuesday! {at the latest ;)}


BeckyJo606 said...

Looking forward to having you back in blogland! AND, I'm excited to see the new blog design!! :)

Anonymous said...

Three times in one year is not enough my sweet friend. Nope. Not enough. I miss you terribly and will need a phone-call-update very, very soon.

~L said...

Glad you're back at blogging...but we miss you here!

Amy Hough Photography said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Can't wait for pictures!!