Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Weeks!

And I can hardly believe it!
{excuse the shadow on my backside in this picture - it's okay that it makes my hair look thicker, but I do not appreciate that it does the same for my bum...}

Eden and I are both growing like crazy, and Josh and I are so thankful our little one is healthy and happy snuggled up in her temporary home. We had our 4D ultrasound last week, and it turns out she is actually growing ahead of schedule {a whole WEEK ahead!}. This either means my due date was miscalculated and should be June 25 {I'm not that lucky} or more likely that she's gonna be a very healthy {in my grandmother's words} baby. ;)

I decided to do a highlight post since I haven't done one the entire time I've been pregnant...I really thought I would be a power pregnant blogger, but clearly that has not been the case. So here are our highlights for 30 {or 31... but probably 30} weeks.

Name: Eden Grace Davenport

Baby size: according to all those emails she should be around 3 lbs, but according to our ultrasound she is closer to 3&1/2 lbs. She also measured with long legs... Josh asked me if I needed to tell him something ;)

Momma size: 16 pounds heavier than she was 30 weeks ago. I can't believe I'm typing this and I will not disclose this information ever ever ever again. Let the records state as such.

Development this week: Her brain tissue and eyesight continue to develop, and she's working on filling out and fluffing up before she's born {she already has sweet round cheeks!}

Cravings: Most of my cravings have been salty {nachos, pizza, and so-on} until very recently when my sweet tooth came back with a bang. I discovered these m&m ice cream cookies at work, and now I have one at least twice a week!

Movement: She's a mover and a shaker, especially first thing in the morning and right before I go to sleep. I really had no idea how dramatic her movement would be before I experienced it, but I think it's the one thing I'll miss about pregnancy after she's born.

What I'm Loving: Seeing our baby's face - it's crazy that it's really her!

What I'm Not Loving: Sleeping on my side. I can't wait to go back to sleeping on my stomach where I belong.

Currently feeling: Pretty good! {Aside from the creeping in of classic third trimester symptoms... getting harder to bend over, finger swelling, and missing my jawbone ;)} I am kind of over being pregnant now, but we have so much left to do that I know the rest of the pregnancy will fly by.

Currently planning: The WHOLE nursery. That's right - top to bottom, left to right. We have a crib to assemble and a bed to dress, an ottoman to recover, a rug to find and accessorizing out the wazoo left to do. We have, however, had a garage sale to clean out in preparation for Eden's arrival and gotten a new vehicle{my old car was approximately 3 inches bigger than a go-cart and could not function as a mom-mobile}. Now that those two things are checked off our list(s), the nursery is our only big To Do left.

Most of all we are both incredibly excited and nervous as all get out about holding this baby in our arms. It feels so soon and so far away all at the same time! It's also time to start digging into books about the first few months of life, sleep routines, breastfeeding, etc. Any suggestions???

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